Cortez Crew

The Cortez Crew is a crime syndicate in Vice City in GTA Vice City. It is led by former Colonel Juan Cortez. It originated in an unknown country in South America, most likely Colombia or Bolivia.

Their members include Cortez's right hand man Gonzales, who turned out to be a traitor and stole a lot of Cortez's cocaine. He was later chainsawed to death by Tommy Vercetti on Cortez' orders. By this time, the Cortez Crew and Juan Cortez were also at bad terms with the French Secret Service because of this incident: when Vercetti was sent to collect a secret missile technology chips from Pierre La Ponce in the Washington Mall, Tommy was involved in a shootout at the mall, because the GIGN and DGSE followed him to the mall and tried to kill him and reclaim the chips. Pierre freaked out and tried to flee with the chips on his PCJ-600. Then,Tommy Vercetti chased and killed Pierre, taking back the chips and bringing them back to Cortez.

Cortez got in to another battle with the French; Cortez was leaving Vice City but the French were blocking his path. Cortez' Crew fired first which caused a large shootout across the water. Thanks to Tommy Vercetti, the battle was won.

The Cortez Crew wear white sailor's hats, white t-shirts, white pants and white shoes. They are armed with Rugers. They only appear in one mission; All Hands on Deck!.

Because the Cortez Crew flee to an unknown South American Country with their leader Juan Cortez, it is implied that their connection to Vice City is over.