Paradise FM

Radio Station
Paradise FM
Genre: Post-disco
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
DJ(s): None

Paradise FM is a disco radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

The station's existence in 1984 Vice City reflects changes seen in the disco genre five years after the commercial "death" of disco music. As opposed to playing pre-1979 disco music, Paradise FM predominantly plays American post-disco music from the early 1980s, which are marked by the increased use of electronic musical instruments.

Not including station identification, this is not only the first non-stop music station since the Grand Theft Auto III rendition of Rise FM, but quite possibly the first one since the first in any GTA game without a DJ. This radio station is favored by the Cholos as it can be heard whenever the player enters a Cholo Sabre.

The name of this station is probably a reference to the legendary Paradise Garage club in New York, as the music is very representative of that club's soundtrack at the height of its popularity.

Genre: post-disco



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