Rise FM

Radio Station
Rise FM

Progressive trance (GTA III)

House, dance-pop, trance (GTA Liberty City Stories)
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Andre the Accelerator (GTA III)

Boy Sanchez (GTA Liberty City Stories)

Rise FM is a radio station hosted by Andre the Accelerator (voiced by "Andre") in Grand Theft Auto III and by Boy Sanchez (Oliver Vaquer) in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, which plays electronic dance music. In GTA III, the playlist is presented as a continuous liveset which is being played and broadcast live from a nightclub called the Planetarium. In GTA Liberty City Stories, the station is 'normalized', featuring songs and commercials. Rise FM is one of the Colombian Cartel's favorite radio stations in GTA III, as this station will most likely be heard if the player were to jack a Cartel Cruiser.

Rise FM's headquarters is located in Newport, opposite the house of Claude in Staunton Island.


Grand Theft Auto III rendition

DJ: Andre The Accelerator

Genre: progressive trance

  • Chris Walsh & Dave Beran - "Shake" (Revolt Clogrock Remix) (2001)
  • Shiver - "Deep Time" (2001)
  • R.R.D.S - "Innerbattle" (2001)
  • Slyder - "Score" (Original Mix) (2000)
  • Slyder - "Neo (The One)" (2001)
  • Chris Walsh - "Shake" (End Mix) (2000)

The songs were mixed by Terry Donovan.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories rendition

The Rise FM logo in GTA Liberty City Stories.

DJ: Boy Sanchez (mainly based on the New York DJ and producer Roger Sanchez)

Genre: house, dance-pop, trance


  • Rise FM is also the name of a real-life internet radio station which is owned and run by Denmark based Rise Future Media. It is also the name of a radio station based in Budapest, Hungary, which also plays a variety of house music and electronica.

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