Radio Stations in GTA Advance

Vehicle radios in Grand Theft Auto Advance only play several recycled music tracks from Grand Theft Auto 2 , which are trimmed and looped constantly, and exclude DJs voicing, station imaging and advertisements.

Each vehicle is simply assigned to play one of the music tracks repeatedly, and the track cannot be changed or turned off (besides muting all music through the game options). The only exception encompasses emergency vehicles, which lack any emergency radio chatter or any other form of radio audio.


There are only four music tracks used, including:

  • Numb - "How It's Done" (featured on KREZ)
  • The One - "Southpark" (featured on Head Radio)
  • Toys Are Real - "Flymutha" (featured on Funami FM)
  • Voice Box - "Computer Lust" (featured on Lithium FM)