Integrity 2.0

Integrity 2.0
Integrity 2.0

Integrity 2.0 is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City.



Unlike the other stations, Integrity is not available at the beginning of GTA IV. Comments can be heard on other channels about Lazlow raising funds for his new radio "experience", which he is planning to name 'Lazlow 2.0', maybe even 3.0 as he thinks he's becoming a superstar in EFLC. Once Algonquin is unlocked, Integrity 2.0 goes on-air. The show takes the form of a modified talk radio: Lazlow wanders around Liberty City through the streets of Algonquin and interviews the random people he comes across. His interviewees include a normal person (who runs away from him), a young woman (who calls him an asshole), talks about himself, Lazlow, then a pervert, a boy who's 13 and sells weed, a latent homosexual, a woman with martial problems, an internet nerd, a woman who believes the answers to life's questions can be solved by imagining one's face is an exclamation mark, a hot dog vendor (who Lazlow later assaults after insulting him), a taxi driver, and a rock star, (who has a city block shut down to film a music video, and is suggested to be a member of Love Fist).

Lazlow makes a reference to Def Leppard drummer, Rick Allen, when he says you can lose your arm in an high-speed crash and your friends say "So what? You can drum" talking about his one arm. Lazlow also makes references to previous GTA games by discussing his experiences in Vice City and San Andreas, and the band Love Fist is also discussed. This is unique in GTA IV because, other than some brief visual references to locations from GTA: SA on TV, the game generally avoids making any direct references to events from the GTA III era (presumably being mentioned by Lazlow simply means they occurred in both continuities - i.e. Lazlow took over Entertaining America, worked in Vice City, and appeared on Chatterbox in both continuities, and Love Fist also existed in both universes).

Although the channel loops the same interviews and discussions, it is one of the more regular broadcasters of Weazel News updates which dynamically updates as the game progresses.

Episodes from Liberty City

Lazlow returns in Episodes from Liberty City with a side-kick named Jorge. Because The Ballad of Gay Tony takes place halfway through GTA IV, Integrity 2.0 is available from the start; in The Lost and Damned, however, the station is not immediately available (though reports of Lazlow's planned launch are still heard), it is added to the dial around the time of Buyer's Market. Newly recorded segments include Lazlow and Jorge shouting at a street artist, after he draws Lazlow with "man-tittes" and "a bald patch", being beaten up by a street musician, after Lazlow stands in his donation pile, and, after being refused entry into Maisonette 9 and couldn't find Bahama Mamas, the pair enter Hercules, unknowing that it's a gay club. Lazlow also reveals personal details about his life, and while the GTA IV broadcasts are sponsored by ZiT, a funeral home run by Lazlow's stepfather sponsors the broadcasts heard in Episodes (it is suggested that ZiT has dropped out as a sponsor, although this creates a continuity gap with GTA IV which supposedly happens at the same time, and ads for ZiT occasionally still play on Integrity 2.0 during the DLCs). Lazlow also reveals that all his broadcasts are actually pre-recorded because they don't have the funding for live broadcast (which actually explains the fact why the same few broadcasts are heard repeatedly), and he hopes to get Integrity 2.0 streaming on the Internet as soon as he figures out how webpages work.