Martin Graves

Martin Graves is a technologist who appears as a guest speaker on Vice City Public Radio show Pressing Issues in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. He appears to dislike psychiatrists, with Maurice Chavez predicting he will be a future serial killer. He also owns a robot, which he had built. He also dislikes Forbes Waverly III (a fellow panelist), science (for teaching human superiority), religion (stating that technology is his religion), life (which he describes as pointless and random), the British (who are obsolete) and the metric system.

Graves is a great believer in technology and wishes he were a robot. He believes that by 1989 manual labour will have been replaced by robotic labour. There will, according to Graves, be robot animals and babies, with uncertain parents being able to build and raise robot babies. He states that in Sweden this is already happening, with half of all children born being robots and the other half acting like robots. Despite his love of technology, he does appreciate the human spleen and the giraffe's neck, stating that they are the most 'incredible' things in the universe. He also likes the Little Lacey's advert.