Pete Banbury

Pete Banbury, known as the Fisherman, is the 'criminal' in the episode of Moorehead Rides Again broadcast in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. He is the father of Lily Banbury, had lived in Vice Beach for fifty five years, having fished the swamp for twenty years. Gordon Moorehead and Molly Malmstein originally set out to find Pete but later describe him as being a communist, as he does carry a gun. From this point they portray him as the criminal. They also believe him to be holding back real estate in the city and organising a prostitution ring. He is discovered by Molly Malmstein and has a broken leg, being stuck in the swamp for two days. Upon hearing of his daughter's death, he begins to cry, furthering Malmstein and Moorehead's disliking of him. Malmstein then makes false accusations that Pete is tearing at her clothes, leading to Moorehead killing him with napalm.