Characters in GTA Vice City Stories

This is a list of characters in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, listed roughly in their appearance in the game. Note that the order in which some of these characters appear in-game depends upon the sequence in which the player completes certain missions.


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Victor Vance
Victor Vance is a 28-year old corporal in the US Army, who is dishonorably discharged after drugs are found in his barracks and he is caught entering the army base with a prostitute for Sergeant Jerry Martinez. Following his dismissal, Vic is given work by various people in Vice City including Phil Cassidy, Umberto Robina, Reni Wassulmaier, Ricardo Diaz and his brother Lance. Together with Lance, Vic makes an alliance with Diego and Armando Mendez and they begin to build a business empire in drugs. However, the Mendez brothers betray Vic so he kills both of them and Martinez, and decides to lay low and never get involved in the drugs business again.
Voiced by: Dorian Missick.
Also appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Major characters

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Sgt. Jerry Martinez
Last Stand
Jerry Martinez is one of Vic's commanding officers who asks Vic to pick up a shipment of drugs and store them in his barracks, leading to Vic's discharge from the army. Martinez later betrays Vic by sending a group of men to kill him and Phil Cassidy. After Vic and Lance ambush a deal he sets up with the Mendez brothers, Martinez tries to ruin them by turning states and later kidnaps Vic's girlfriend Louise. Martinez is finally killed by Vic on top of the Mendez Building.
Voiced by: Felix Solis.

Phil Cassidy
Cleaning House
Over The Top
Phil Cassidy is a drunk war veteran introduced to Vic as Martinez's gun dealer. Together, Phil and Vic launch several attacks on the Cholos and do several other jobs for Martinez, but when they are attacked by Martinez's men Phil decides to go into hiding. He later returns to help Vic defend his businesses from the Mendez brothers and steal a Hunter from Fort Baxter Air Base.
Voiced by: Gary Busey.
Also appears in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Louise Cassidy-Williams
Light My Pyre
Louise Cassidy-Williams is Phil Cassisdy's sister, who Vic meets when looking for her husband Marty Jay. When she decides to leave her husband, he kidnaps her, but Vic rescues her before killing Marty Jay. Louise becomes romantically involved with Vic, which results in Martinez and later Armando Mendez kidnapping her to get to him. Vic rescues her from Martinez's men, but she is shot several times by Armando Mendez and dies in Vic's arms.
Voiced by: Chelsey Rives.

Marty Jay Williams
Marty Jay Williams is the husband of Louise and leader of the Trailer Park Mafia. Marty employs Vic to do several jobs for him, which mainly involve stealing businesses from the rival Cholo gang. After Louise leaves him, Marty kidnaps her so he can turn her into a whore at his brothel. Vic rescues Louise and kills Marty, taking over Marty's gang and businesses in the process.
Voiced by: Jim Burke.

Lance Vance
Jive Drive
Last Stand
Lance is the brother of Victor Vance who arrives in Vice City to share Vic's rise to power. He convinces Vic to get into the drugs business and sets up deals with several influential people in the city. Lance suffers from a cocaine addiction and never wants to stop making money, often getting into new deals without Vic's consent and getting himself and Vic into trouble on many occasions, usually leaving Vic to clean up the mess himself.
Voiced by: Philip Michael Thomas.
Also appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Umberto Robina
Nice Package
Blitzkrieg Strikes Again
Umberto Robina is leader of the Los Cabrones gang. He enlists the help of Vic to help him wipe out the Cholo gang from Vice City. Umberto also helps Vic to defend the Vance-owned businesses when they come under attack from the Mendez Cartel.
Voiced by: Danny Trejo.
Also appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Bryan Forbes
The Audition
The Bum Deal
Bryan Forbes is an undercover agent who does a deal with Lance to tell the Vance brothers about drug shipments coming into the city. After they find out his true identity, Vic and Lance capture him and tie him up in an abandoned vehicle to get information from him. Forbes gives them several false leads then tries to escape, but Vic tracks him down and kills him.
Voiced by: Daniel Oreskes.

Diego and Armando Mendez
The Mugshot Longshot
Light My Pyre (Armando) Last Stand (Diego)
Diego and Armando Mendez are the two biggest illegal drug dealers in Vice City, who Vic and Lance start working for after convincing them that Martinez stole a drug shipment that they themselves had stolen. The Mendez brothers betray Vic and Lance and try to have them killed, but they escape. After Armando kidnaps Louise, Vic tracks him down and kills him. Following his brother's death, Diego decides to hide out at the Mendez Building, but he too is tracked down and killed by Vic.
Voiced by: Ruben Trujillo and Yul Vazquez.

Reni Wassulmaier
Accidents Will Happen
In The Air Tonight
Reni Wassulmaier is a transsexual avant-garde film director from Germany. Reni provides Vic with several contacts in the city including Gonzalez and Diaz, and also employs Vic as a stuntman on one his films. After Diego Mendez becomes unhappy with him for introducing Vic to Diaz, Reni decides to have a final sex-change operation and becomes a woman, before Vic helps her to flee from Vice City and fly to Europe.
Voiced by: Barbara Rosenblatt.
Also appears in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

The Colonel's Coke
Farewell to Arms
Gonzalez is the right hand man of Colonel Juan Cortez who steals some of his boss's cocaine to make a side profit. Vic briefly works for Gonzalez but the relationship is ended after a large amount of cocaine is stolen when Vic is doing a deal for him. However, Gonzalez asks for Vic's help once more when he needs to flee from the city due to an attack on him by the Sharks.
Voiced by: Jorge Pupo.
Also appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Ricardo Diaz
Steal the Deal
Last Stand
Ricardo Diaz is a Colombian drug lord who asks Vic to help him steal a shipment of drugs from Gonzalez. After Vic steals the drugs and trades them with the DEA for weapons, Diaz blackmails Gonzalez to get information about other shipments. Diaz later gives Vic vital information to help him with his battle against the Mendez brothers.
Voiced by: Luis Guzman.
Also appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Minor characters

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Mary-Beth Williams
Shakedown -
Takin' Out the White Trash
Mary-Beth Williams is the newborn daughter of Louise and Marty who makes a few brief appearances in the story. After the deaths of both her parents it is assumed that her aunt Mary-Jo takes care of her, as this is the wish of Louise as she dies.

Mary-Jo Cassidy
Light My Pyre
Mary-Jo Cassidy is the obese sister of both Phil Cassidy and Louise Cassidy-Williams. Louise moves in with her after leaving Marty and Mary-Jo is the first person to come to Vic for help when Louise is kidnapped by Marty and later Armando Mendez. It is implied that she takes care of her niece Mary-Beth Williams after Louise's death.
Voiced by: Cathy Trien.

Alberto Robina
Papi Don't Screech Alberto Robina is the father of Umberto, who runs a cafe in Little Havana. He is rescued from the Cholos by Vic at Hyman Memorial Stadium and taken back to his cafe, but his heart condition means that Vic must drive carefully and avoid the Cholos while getting Alberto back to his cafe in time for it to open.
Voiced by: Jorge Pupo.
Also appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Janet Vance
Snitch Hitch Janet Vance is the mother of the Vance brothers (Victor, Lance and Pete). However, her drug addiction made her an unfit parent so her children were brought up by their Aunt Enid. Janet shows up at Lance's hotel with her boyfriend Javier swearing that she is off drugs for good, only to end up stealing her sons' stash of cocaine and disappearing.
Voiced by: Lynda Ashe.

Snitch Hitch Javier is the boyfriend of Janet Vance, who shows up with Janet to convince Vic and Lance that she is no longer addicted to drugs. However, he and Janet steal her children's cocaine stash and disappear without a trace.
Voiced by: Gregory Johnson.

Brawn of the Dead Spitz is a "Z-List" movie director who is currently filming "Mall Munchers" - a new Zombie horror movie filmed at the North Point Mall late at night. Vic offers his services as a stunt double for a scene for Spitz while Lance tries to bond a deal between the two in selling the Vances' prized stash of drugs.

Accidents Will Happen
Say Cheese
Frankie is the assistant of Reni Wassulmaier. He is depicted with an overly effeminate personality, which seemingly clicks well with Reni's behavior. However, Frankie is later fired for not "spanking" Reni and satisfying "his" pleasure. Despite being told that he is fired, he is seen again with Reni watching an on set rehearsal later in the story.
Voiced by: Garth Kravits.

Barry Mickelthwaite
Kill Phil -
In the Air Tonight
Barry Mickelthwaite is the manager of singer Phil Collins. His accent suggests he is from Birmingham, UK. It is implied in one mission that he had a sexual experience with Reni in Monaco after becoming heavily inebriated with champagne. He also owes money to Giorgio Forelli, which puts Phil's life in danger when Giorgio sends several Forelli hitmen to kill them both. Vic often serves as his and Phil's personal bodyguard and saves their lives many times throughout their stay in Vice City.
Voiced by: Timothy Spall.

Phil Collins
Kill Phil -
In the Air Tonight
Phil Collins is an English singer, songwriter, drummer, and actor who arrives in Vice City to play a concert at Hyman Memorial Stadium. He is attacked by several Forelli hitmen upon arriving in Vice City by helicopter, and his life is saved by Vic, who later serves as his personal bodyguard while preparing for his concert. During the concert Phil's life is put in danger as the Forellis attempt to destroy the light rigs above his head, but Vic manages to fight them all off and Phil is able to perform the concert.
Voiced by: Phil Collins.


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