Characters in The Lost and Damned

This is a list of characters in the first episodic pack for Grand Theft Auto IV, entitled The Lost and Damned.


Johnny Klebitz
Johnny Klebitz (born 1974) is the leader of The Lost Brotherhood motorcycle gang whilst Billy Grey is incarcerated. Grey is released during the events of The Lost and Damned, leading to Klebitz being pushed back down the gangs pecking order. In GTA IV, he is seen helping Elizabeta Torres, who has him help Niko Bellic and Playboy X in a heroin deal, which is an LCPD trap. Later, Klebitz again helps Niko in a diamond deal but betrays Niko and Ray Boccino, stealing the money from the deal.
Voiced by: Scott Hill.

Other Characters

Billy Grey
Billy Grey is the Chapter President of The Lost Brotherhood motorcycle gang in Alderney and the best friend of Johnny Klebitz, who leads The Lost in Billy's stead during his rehabilitation/incarceration. He is responsible for much of the violence toward fellow motorcycle gang The Angels of Death.

Jim Fitzgerald
Jim Fitzgerald is the forty-five year old Treasurer of The Lost Brotherhood motorcycle gang. He dislikes the violence towards The Angels of Death, a fellow motorcycle gang. In the events of GTA IV, he is killed by Niko Bellic on on orders fromRay Boccino
Voiced by: Chris McKinney .

Brian Jeremy
Brian Jeremy is a senior member of The Lost Brotherhood motorcycle gang as the club's secretary and is fiercely loyal to the gangs incarcerated leader, Billy Grey, disliking Johnny Klebitz. He is killed by Johnny (with Terry and Clays help, if the player wishes).

Jason Michaels
Jason Michaels is a recently patched in member of The Lost Brotherhood motorcycle gang as an enforcer. Michaels works as a pimp and dates Anna Faustin, until he is killed by Niko Bellic on orders from Anna's father, Mikhail.

Clay Simons
Clay Simons is the road captain of The Lost Brotherhood and is implied to be a war veteran. As Road Captain if a fellow member is in need of a bike he will deliver it to them.

Ashley Butler
Ashley Butler is the twenty year old "old lady" of The Lost Brotherhood's incarcerated leader, Billy Grey. She is a known associate of Ray Boccino and may have had an affair with him. Butler was arrested in 2001 for being in possession of cocaine and is also a methamphetamine addict.
Voiced by: Traci Godfrey.

Malc is a member of the Uptown Riders motorcycle gang and an associate of Johnny Klebitz and Elizabeta Torres.

Terry Thorpe
Terry Thorpe is a member of The Lost Brotherhood motorcycle gang and is believed to run one of the gangs methamphetamine labs. He is the gang's sergeant-at-arms and his services are similar to Little Jacob's.
Voiced by: Joshua Burrow

Angus Martin
Angus Martin is a member of The Lost Brotherhood motorcycle gang that was paralyzed in an accident caused by Billy Grey. He is confined to a wheelchair so he isn't truly an active member of the gang, but he often sends Johnny emails in which he displays a great deal of hostility toward Grey and Brian. Johnny can also call Angus for motorcycle theft jobs.

Thomas Stubbs
Thomas Stubs is a Congressman working in Liberty City. He gets Johnny to work for him after he blackmails him. He asks Johnny to kill his uncle to get his funds, and later to rescue arrested Stubbs' supporters. He can be called to do his "Dirty Laundry", which is couple dirty and different jobs such as stealing Bryce Dawkin's Infernus, and killing other politicians.
Voiced by: John Lantz.

Ray Boccino
Ray Boccino is a member of Pegorino Family who need the help of Johnny's gang to steal some illegal diamonds. He plays a large role in the game, despite his appearances only in four missions personally.

Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic (born 1978) is the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV and appears briefly in The Lost and Damned during the mission Buyer's Market (Blow Your Cover in GTA IV) and later in the Collector's Item mission (Museum Piece in GTA IV). He also has a brief cameo during the opening cutscene of the game.
Voiced by: Michael Hollic.

Elizabeta Torres
Elizabeta Torres (born 1977) is a small time drug dealer living in Liberty City. She hires Niko Bellic, Playboy X and Johnny Klebitz to do a drug deal in the mission Buyer's Market (Blow Your Cover in GTA IV).
Voiced by: Charlie Parker.

Playboy X
Playboy X, real name Trey Stewart, (born 1983) is the leader of the North Holland Hustlers, standing in for Dwayne Forge. He works for Elizabeta Torres and alongside Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz in a drug deal in the mission Buyer's Market (Blow Your Cover in GTA IV).
Voiced by: Postell Pringle.

Roman Bellic
Roman Bellic is the cousin of Niko Bellic and plays a big role in one missions of The Lost and Damned, Roman's Holiday. Johnny is ordered by some of Dimitri Rascalov's goons to kidnap Roman, or else Ashley would get killed. With the help of Malc, Johnny is successful in doing so, but still feeling a bit sorry for him, even asking to go easy on him to Dimitri's men.

Anthony Prince
Anthony Prince, also known as Gay Tony, is a nightclub owner in Liberty City and appears briefly in The Lost and Damned. Johnny is told by Ray Boccino to rob the diamonds of Anthony. Johnny arrives at a deal in which Anthony is acquiring the diamonds, and Anthony let his boyfriend Evan Moss hold the diamonds. When Luis Fernando Lopez notice Johnny and The Lost where behind them, they fled, with Evan still holding the diamonds. Johnny killed the fleeing Evan and acquired the diamonds. Anthony and Luis however, fled from the scene alive.

Luis Fernando Lopez
Luis Fernando Lopez, the bodyguard to Anthony Prince, is the protagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony and appears twice in The Lost and Damned. First, at the deal with Anthony Prince where he acquires the diamonds. Johnny was ordered to steal the diamonds of Anthony. Luis noticed Johnny and The Lost where behind them and they quickly fled. The second time was, during the diamond deal between Johnny and Niko and Isaac Roth, where Luis appears to mess up the deal by shooting Isaac's companion Mori Green. He is not seen again, but is mentioned during on the wiretap placed at Bryce's Infernus. On it, Bernie Crane mentions Luis, saying that if he played on their team he would "totally be the catcher".