Las Brujas

Las Brujas in Bone County, San Andreas.

Las Brujas is a tiny ghost town nestled between the Sherman Dam, Arco del Oeste, and El Castillo del Diablo in Bone County, San Andreas. Also near the area are Area 69 (a no-fly zone), Regular Tom, and Verdant Meadows. The name Las Brujas translates directly from Spanish as The Witches.

The town is depicted as a one-street settlement populated by predominantly wooden buildings, appearing similar to a frontier town in the Wild West. In addition to the standard fare of (now empty) homes and businesses, the town also features a modest wooden chapel, complete with a fenced cemetery containing tombstones in the rear.

There are no functional facilities servicing this area and none of the buildings are occupied, except during missions for Mike Toreno (Interdiction) and Frank Tenpenny (High Noon). In addition, the advertisement of Spittoon, a television program in Grand Theft Auto IV, is shot in Las Brujas.


  • Flowers - In the small cemetery on the east side of the town.


  • If the player drives a vehicle near the entrance of the cemetery, a wheel may occasionally slip down a shallow hole. Although nothing is down there, it may be the grave Carl dug in the mission "High Noon". It can be seen in this image to the right, appearing in a triangular form behind the old chapel.
  • The graveyard is half buried in sand and the gates are falling apart indicating that the place has been struck by desertification hence becoming a ghost town.
  • There is a reference to its English name on the police radio. Occasionally the player may hear "There's some crazy old lady in Las Brujas. She claims she's a witch."