Murders by Niko Bellic

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There are many hit missions in Grand Theft Auto IV, and Niko Bellic has accrued the greatest body count of any GTA protagonist thus far, with over 80 possible named murders. This is most likely because he works as a hired gun instead of a creating a criminal empire and because GTA IV has named most chracters instead of going after unnamed thugs.

The following is a list of his intended targets ("collateral" murders such as those of unidentified gunmen, pedestrians, or police are not included), including random characters, Most Wanted, optional killings and possible killings he may attempt.


Main story

Random encounters

  • Eddie Low - Murdered by Niko in self-defense (Eddie Low is a random character, so killing him or even encountering him in the first place is optional).
  • Clarence Little - Can be spared, although in a later random encounter, he must be killed anyway, unless the encounter is avoided altogether.


  • Ivan Bytchkov - Niko can let him fall from the building, on Vlad's orders, or help him up.
  • Cherise Glover - Niko can shoot her in Ruff Rider, or let her live.
  • Clarence Little - Niko can kill him, on Francis McReary's orders, or let him live.
  • Adam Dimayev - Appears during Portrait of a Killer. Can be spared or killed.
  • Unnamed Jewish Mobster - Niko can kill him in the Majestic Hotel or walk away.
  • Darko Brevic - Niko can either take revenge by shooting him multiple times, or spare him.

Choose between two targets

Possible murders

  • Mickey - Can be killed during Uncle Vlad.
  • Jimmy - Niko can kill him during the mission Clean Getaway. It would change the dialogue with Vlad through the phone.
  • Vasily - Niko can kill him in a drive-by in the mission Wrong is Right.
  • Karen - Can be killed during Final Interview.
  • Alonzo - Niko can kill him, or let him warn Teddy.
  • Stevie - If the player is quick enough they can kill him after I'll Take Her. He may or may not be the Stevie Niko does the car thefts for.
  • Frankie Gallo - Can be killed by either Niko, or the LCPD during To Live and Die in Alderney. Either way this will cause dialogue to change with Phil.
  • John - A surgeon in the Leftwood Medical Center. Can be killed in Flatline.
  • Doctor Rosem - A doctor in the Leftwood Medical Center. Can be killed in Flatline.
  • Talbot Daniels - A man who leads Niko to Florian Cravic, Talbot can be killed by Niko before confronting Florian changing dialogue with Roman Bellic and Ray Boccino.

Continuity Error Murders

Most Wanted murders