Sonetti's Right-Hand Man

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Sonetti's Right-Hand Man
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Appearances GTA 1
Full Name Sonetti's Right-Hand Man


Gender Gender::Male
Home Liberty City
Main Affiliations Sonetti (boss)
Sonetti's Gang (gang member)
Occupation Gang member

Sonetti's Right-Hand Man is a character in the 2D Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto 1.

Character history

Sonetti's Right-Hand Man, as his title states, is the second-in-command to Don "Bald Man" Sonetti. He appears at the end of the Gangsta Bang chapter of the Liberty City campaign, where he is shown to be a tall, bald man (much like his boss) who wears a trenchcoat. After accumulating enough cash, the protagonist is instructed to go to the alley behind the North Park strip club to meet with the henchman, where the henchman warns the protagonist (who works for Robert "Bubby" Seragliano, Sonetti's chief rival) that if he ever crosses Sonetti again, he can expect much worse. It's uncertain what happens to the henchman afterwards, as he's never seen again, though it's possible he was killed in the safehouse explosion along with Sonetti and his top lieutenants.


  • This henchman is often confused for Don Sonetti himself, as he is bald, just like his boss. Interestingly, there are two separate messages you receive depending on if you enter the "iamgarypenn" cheat or not. Typically, the cheat enables far more profanity than normal. However, if this cheat is entered, then the message you receive when you accumulate enough cash changes. Without the cheat enabled, it reads, "One of Don Sonetti's guys wants to talk to you, kid. Go to the alley behind the Strip Club in North West Park. Now." However, with the cheat enabled, it instead reads, "Don Sonetti wants to talk to you, kid. Go to the alley behind the Strip Club in North West Park. Now." Furthermore, if you head to the strip club and kill the henchman, the text will read, "Don Sonetti's dead, fucker. You got some serious fuckin' explainin' to do." However, without the cheat enabled, it reads, "You killed Sonetti's right hand man! You got some serious explainin' to do." However, it is definitely a henchman rather than Sonetti himself, as not only would it be extremely odd for someone to refer to themselves in the third person (especially when the henchman later uses "I'll"), but also for a high-profile Mafia boss to be anywhere without protection.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Hey! Aruzo! I've got a warning for you from Bald Man Sonetti. Cross him again, I'll stick a gun up your ass, and blow your fuckin' eyeballs out. Capiche?"