Characters in GTA Advance

This is a list of Characters in Grand Theft Auto Advance and lists the characters in order of appearance/mention within the game.


Image/Name First/Last Mission Appearance Information

Jump Start Mike and Vinnie are partners in crime who are looking to earn a little more money so they can leave Liberty City. After Vinnie was killed when his car exploded, Mike begins to work for various criminals around the city to find the person responsible. Mike later discovers that Vinnie is still alive and planning to leave with all the money. He kills Vinnie and escapes the city on an aeroplane owned by Cisco.

Major Characters

Image/Name First/Last Mission Appearance Information

Jump Start
Truth Revealed
Vinnie is Mike's partner in crime and is almost ready to leave Liberty City, but has Mike do more work for the Mafia (likely the Leone Family). Vinnie is then seemingly killed when his car explodes, however, he was alive and planning to leave the city himself with all the money. When Mike begins to look into his death, Vinnie is forced to kill some of the people involved. Mike later discovers that Vinnie is alive but kills him for his betrayal.

Fake IDs
Love of Money
8-Ball is an explosives expert who runs his own business in Harwood (incorrectly called Portland Beach). After Vinnie's death, 8-Ball begins to investigate and points Mike into the direction Jonnie, a bar tender. Mike and 8-Ball continue to keep contact and later meet. They are ambushed by the Colombian Cartel, who use flamethrowers, which severely burn 8-Balls hands. He is arrested by the LCPD and later convicted.

Love Boat
Show the Money
Jonnie is a bar tender in the Red Light District. He had worked with Vinnie, lending him money and, after learning about Vinnie's death, tells Mike that he can pay Vinnie's debts. Mike begins to work for Jonnie, to repay Vinnie's debts, until he finds Jonnie dead. Jonnie had owed money to King Courtney, leader of the Uptown Yardies.

King Courtney
Race to Run
Assault Joint
King Courtney is the leader of the Uptown Yardies gang on Staunton Island. Mike finds Courtney after the death of Jonnie, who had owed him money, although Courtney claims that Jonnie was dead when his men arrived. Mike then begins to work for Courtney, who is involved in street races and a war against the Colombian Cartel. He sends Mike to kill Cisco, the Cartel leader, claiming that Cisco had set up Vinnie and killed Jonnie. However, Mike begins to work with Cisco and against King Courtney. King Courtney then begins to target Mike until Mike wins a shootout, with Courtney giving up his attempts to kill Mike.

Fine Dining
Decoy Disaster
Cisco is the leader of the Colombian Cartel who Mike befriends whilst on orders to kill him. Cisco begins to help Mike in finding out who killed Vinnie but later moves from Wichita Gardens to Francis International Airport, allowing him to quickly escape the city if need be. Cisco has Mike do various tasks, including kidnapping Yuka. Cisco is killed by Vinnie, whilst Mike was distracting another gang. Cisco had owned an aeroplane at the airport, which Mike uses to escape from the city.

Asuka Kasen
Kid's A Hero
Assault Joint
Asuka Kasen is the co-leader of the Yakuza, alongside her brother Kenji, who contacts Mike, knowing that they both dislike King Courtney. She has Mike rescue her niece, Yuka, from the Colombian Cartel, unaware that Mike had kidnapped her in the first place. Mike and Asuka fall for each other but decide to go their separate ways.

Minor Characters

Image/Name First/Last Mission Appearance Information
Federico Dirty Laundry Federico is a drug pushed in Trenton, Portland who is killed by Mike on orders from Vinnie.

Ill Repute
Bad Pimpin'
Misty is a prostitute working for Luigi Goterelli and Mickey Hamfists at Luigi's Sex Club 7. She has contact with 8-Ball, who uses Misty to find out more information about Vinnie's death. She later moves to Staunton Island and begins to work for Asuka Kasen.
Scorelli Scorelli Scorelli is a criminal based on Portland and is an enemy of 8-Ball, who has Mike kill some of his goons and steal his car.
Billy Sober Driver Billy is the boyfriend of an unnamed woman who also dates Jonnie.
Freddy Show the Money Freddy is an associate of Jonnie who owes him money, which is collected by Mike, as Jonnie needs to re-pay King Courtney. Freddy can be killed by the player.

Flying High Pat is a business woman who refuses to accept some shoes made by Cisco and is killed by Mike as a result.

School's Out
Kid's A Hero
Yuka is the niece of Asuka Kasen who is kidnapped by Mike on orders from Cisco. Mike later rescues her, whilst working for Asuka.

Biff Rock
Scorned Lover Biff Rock is a movie star who spurned Asuka Kasen's advances, who sends Mike to kill him. He plays the character Jonnie in a film, which is in development in Liberty City.

Scorned Lover Jonnie, not to be confused with the main character Jonnie, is a fictional character in a film being shot in Liberty City. Jonnie is played by Biff Rock and is, in the film, romantically involved with Mary.

Scorned Lover Mary is a fictional character in a film being shot in Liberty City and starring Biff Rock.