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This page lists the major characters of Grand Theft Auto IV. Niko and the five characters available for friendship appear first, then the five girlfriends, then the characters available for missions in the storyline. Other important characters are at the bottom. See the Random Character page for details on several minor characters Niko can meet in Liberty City.

This page does NOT contain spoilers. The individual character pages might, and there is a clear warning in most cases.

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Protagonist and Friends

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Niko Bellic
Introduced in: The Cousins Bellic

Niko Bellic is the protagonist and player character in Grand Theft Auto IV. Niko is of Serbian descent, and previously fought in the wp:Yugoslav Wars, although it is unclear for which side. He is wooed to Liberty City by promises of living the American Dream from his cousin Roman Bellic, but when his plans go sour, he turns to the seedy underworld of Liberty City to build his way to the top. Niko is a serious, calm, self-reflective character and possesses a deeper intellect and stronger moral guidance than perhaps any other GTA protagonist. He has been trained extensively in weapon use and hand-to-hand fighting skills. He often argues with his cousin Roman because he always gets into trouble which Niko has to save him from, and because Niko's violent actions often send underworld figures to Roman's way.
Voiced by Michael Hollick

Roman Bellic
Introduced in: The Cousins Bellic

Roman Bellic is Niko's cousin who has lived in Liberty City for 10 years. Roman claims to be living the "American Dream" and that he has two women, four hot tubs and fifteen sports cars, but in reality he owns a gritty taxi firm in Broker and lives in a small apartment. Roman is also heavily in debt thanks to his gambling habit. When Niko arrives, everything seems to go wrong at once, but together they work their way up. Roman is often harassed and intimidated by the various criminal figures he owes money to.
Voiced by Jason Zumwalt

Little Jacob

Introduced in: Jamaican Heat

Little Jacob is a Jamaican arms/drug dealer. He and Roman Bellic are good friends, and Niko Bellic purchases weaponry from him when he gets a good friendship level with him. He serves as a helper and accomplice to Niko in some missions. He has a thick Jamaican accent, and besides the shootouts with his enemies he is a peaceful character.
Voiced by Coolie Ranx

Brucie Kibbutz

Introduced In: Logging On

Brucie is a steroid-abusing fitness buff which is very proud of what he has achieved in wealth and body. In a "rage," he offers missions for Niko Bellic that involve racing vehicles and killing people. He is fairly wealthy and makes appearances on the radio. He sends Niko many emails and is the main character involved in both the racing and car theft side quests.
Voiced by Timothy Adams

Patrick McReary

Introduced In: Luck Of The Irish

Packie is the youngest of the McReary family, and he is with the Irish mob. He lives with his mother and sister in Meadows Park near the Monoglobe. He sometimes works for Elizabeta Torres, but has his own agenda after his brother's return to Liberty City. Through him, Niko Bellic is introduced to some of the more popular missions in the game, like robbing the Bank of Liberty.
Voiced by Ryan Johnston

Dwayne Forge

Introduced In: Deconstruction for Beginners

Dwayne is an "old-school" gangster who's been in prison since the early 90s for crack distribution, only to be released into a completely unfamiliar environment, with an emphasis on "show-boating" and "bling". His life got completely out of hand after he went to prison, and claims he might want to kill himself for it. He needs Niko's help to rebuild his reputation.
Voiced by Devin Richards


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Michelle is introduced in the mission Three's a Crowd. After completing this mission, Niko is told to purchase some clothes from the Russian clothing store, after which he can call her to set up a date. Mallorie encourages Niko to take her out.
Voiced by Rebecca Henderson
Kate McReary

Introduced In: Waste Not Want Knots

The only virtuous one of the McReary siblings, Kate constantly tries to influence the lives of her brothers positively, but fails. She is too shy to talk to Niko at first. Packie first warns Niko away from her, but later encourages Niko to take her out.
Voiced by Mary Catherine Donnelly

Carmen Ortiz
Carmen Ortiz can be met on Her profile name is SoBoHoe. The first date will be at 00:00 (midnight) the following day. She can help Niko if he is wounded.

Voiced by Elan Luz Rivera

Kiki Jenkins
Kiki Jenkins is a lawyer who can be met on Her profile name is LawChick. She can get Niko out of trouble with the law.

Voiced by Kim Howard

Alex Chilton
Alex can be met on She is listed under "Party girl seeks man for NSA fun and blog material - 29". She prefers sports cars and expensive clothing. She can help Niko get clothing at a discount.

Voiced by Samantha Soule

Mission Characters

Vladimir Glebov

Introduced In: Its Your Call

Vlad is a Russian loan-shark and mobster. He claims to be very powerful in the underworld, but actually runs a low function. He runs the Hove Beach neighborhood in Broker with an iron fist. He offers Niko's first real batch of missions working for money. He treats Niko with disrespect, and refers to him by derogatory names such as "yokel" and "serf". Vlad is employed by the much more powerful Mikhail Faustin.
Voiced by Misha Kuznetsov

Mikhail Faustin

Introduced In : Crime And Punsihment

Mikhail is the Russian Syndicate Leader. He is introduced after the mission Uncle Vlad. Mikhail happens to be a heavy user of cocaine, and has a very short temper. According to his wife, this used to be different before he got to drugs. He owns the Perestroika cabaret club in Broker. He is married to Ilyena Faustin and has one daughter, Anna.
Voiced by Karel Roden

Dimitri Rascalov

Introduced In: Crime And Punsihment

Dimitri is introduced as Mikhail Faustin's friend and associate. In later sequences, he is purported to be heading the rise of Russian immigrant organized crime in Liberty City. Dimitri is the main Antagonist in GTA IV.
Voiced by Moti Margolin

Manny Escuela

Introduced In; Escuela Of The Streets

Manny is the South Bohan community leader. Throughout, he is shooting a documentary that shows how "he" is "cleaning up the streets" and spreading his message out to other communities, though he is actually taking credit for others' actions. Most real criminals consider him an annoying joke.
Voiced by Berto Colon

Elizabeta Torres

Introduced In: Luck Of The Irish

Elizabeta is a powerful drug dealer from Bohan. Her addictions eventually cause her to overreact and lash out at those around her. She is seen in promotional artwork for the game.
Voiced by Charlie Parker

Playboy X

Introduced In: Blow Your Cover

Playboy X (Trey Stewart) is an associate of Elizabeta Torres. He is also friends with Dwayne Forge, who is serving a term in prison for drug trafficking. He wears a red sweater with colored stripes on the chest. He wants to support the community and use the money he gains from drug sales to fund schools and community centers "once he gets rich," though it is obvious that he is fairly wealthy already.
Voiced by Postell Pringle

United Liberty Paper

Introduced In: Wrong Is Right

United Liberty Paper is the alias of a shady government worker whose true name is anonymous. He blackmails Niko into doing several dangerous jobs, trying to play the different criminal organizations off of each other. He says that he is not a "good guy," and that he only works for the "good guys."
Voiced by Milton James

Francis McReary

Introduced In:Escuela Of The Streets

Francis McReary is a corrupt cop who is aware of felonies made by Niko Bellic. His missions normally involve a contract killing on a person who knows or has incriminating evidence against him. He is one of the McReary siblings, though the other brothers have a strong dislike of him.
Voiced by Thomas Lyons

Derrick McReary

Introduced In: Three Leaf Clover

Just returning from Ireland, the oldest of the McReary brothers seems to have a background with the Irish Republican Army. He possesses a good knowledge of weapons and explosives, which is rivaled only by his knowledge of narcotics. He often laments about his tragic past and his regrets. He is one of the McReary siblings.
Voiced by George Feaster

Gerald McReary

Introduced In: Waste Not Want Knots

One of the McReary siblings, and the least idealistic. Gerry is a clever and dangerous mastermind who uses his information and leverage to prevent Francis from moving in on his other siblings. He is the head of the Irish mob based in Dukes.
Voiced by PJ Sosko

Ray Boccino

Introduced In: Harboring A Grudge

Ray is a tall, well-dressed, Italian man. He is ambitious and not very likable; Niko describes him as "slimy" even to the other criminals. Niko meets him through the McReary family. He is one of the three major players in the Pegorino family, an Italian crime family based in Alderney.
Voiced by Joe Barbara

Phil Bell

Introduced In: Truck Hustle

Phil Bell is a half-Irish half-Italian front operator for the Pegorino family. The character bears a resemblance to Tony Soprano. He is one of the three major players in the Pegorino family, and the most likable of them.
Voiced by Frank Bonsangue

Bernie Crane

Introduced In: Weekend At Florians

Bernie Crane is an old friend of Niko Bellic and Roman's, though they knew him as Florian Cravic. He is one of the men Niko comes to Liberty City to find. Niko finds out through Ray Boccino where he is located and he breaks into the apartment with Roman to find out that he has reinvented himself as Bernie Crane, an openly gay man in a secret relationship with Deputy Mayor Bryce Dawkins. He gives Niko missions which protects this relationship from surfacing.
Voiced by Timothy J. Alex

Jimmy Pegorino

Introduced In: Pegorino's Pride

Jimmy Pegorino is the head of the Pegorino crime family. He is concerned about his family's decline and wants it to remain even with the Liberty City families. He is ruthless and intelligent, but watching his family dynasty crumble before him has made him erratic and dangerous.
Voiced by Tony Patellis

Jon Gravelli

Introduced In:Entourage

Jon Gravelli is the dying head of the great Gambetti crime family, one of the five Italian crime families in Liberty City. He has gained enormous fame and power throughout his career, and is currently living out the remaining time of his life on a hospital bed under the care of U.L. Paper.
Voiced by Madison Arnold

Other Characters

Mallorie Bardas

Introduced In: Its Your Call

Mallorie Bardas is a Puerto Rican woman who works for Roman Bellic at his taxi firm. She and Roman are romantically involved.
Voiced by Elena Harvey Hurst

Bryce Dawkins
Bryce Dawkins is the Deputy Mayor of Liberty City. He's depicted as the epitome of cornball conservativeness, even though this is just a front for his completely different, secret lifestyle; he is actually engaged in a homosexual relationship with Bernie Crane (Florian Cravic). He gives Bernie an Infernus sports car as a present, which Bernie then gives this to Niko Bellic for protecting him.
Darko Brevic

Introduced/Can Be Killed In: That Special Someone

Darko Brevic was in Niko Bellic's old army unit. He was one of the men that Niko came to Liberty City to find. Niko does some work for a few friends who intend to help him find Darko.
Voiced by Michael Medeiros

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