Characters in GTA London 1969

This is a list of Characters in Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 and is lists the character in order of appearance/mention within the game.


Charles Jones

Johnny Hawtorn

Maurice Caine

Mick Casey

Rodney Morash

Sid Vacant

Winston Henry

Wolfie Vilans

Main characters

Character Information

Harold Cartwright
Harold Cartwright is one of the leading criminal figures in London who claims to not be scared of anything. However, it later becomes apparent he is scared of Albert and Archie Crisp. Cartwright is killed on the orders of Albert Crisp.

Jack Parkinson
Jack Parkinson is a rising crime lord in London who pays protection to Albert and Archie Crisp. Parkinson has plans to become the biggest crime lord in the city.

Albert Crisp (left)
Albert and brother Archie are at war with Harold Cartwright and Jack Parkinson, hiring the protagonist to do jobs. Albert is considered the brains of the two.

Archie Crisp (right)
Archie and brother Albert are at war with Harold Cartwright and Jack Parkinson, hiring the protagonist to do jobs. Archie is considered the muscle of the two.

Minor Characters

Name Association Information
Keith Harold Cartwright Keith works for Cartwright and gives the protagonist instructions in the first mission of the game.
Chalkie Harold Cartwright Chalkie steals some drugs for Cartwright but leaves them at a location because of the police. The protagonist collects the drugs and kills Chalkie. Chalkie had also run a pub.
Len Harold Cartwright Len owns a garage, which the protagonist uses to drop off a bike.
Honest Ray Harold Cartwright The protagonist takes two men to Honest Ray’s garage in West Brixton.
Noles Brothers None The Noles Brothers are for brothers who have incurred the wroth of Cartwright, with the protagonist killing all four.
Beryl Harold Cartwright Beryl is Harold Cartwright’s sister, with Jack Parkinson suggesting the protagonist go to Beryl’s home. The protagonist, on orders from Albert and Archie Crisp, later kills beryl.
Doctor Zel None Doctor Zel is selling some paintings, with the protagonist buying some for Parkinson. The special branch is in on the scheme, however, causing Parkinson to have the protagonist kill Zel.
Sidney None The protagonist collects various food items and delivers them to Sidney.
Midnight None Midnight had said he was doing a job, but never intended on doing the job. The protagonist then kills Midnight.
Fingers Jack Parkinson Fingers pulls off a bank heist and has the protagonist as a getaway driver.
Lenny Jack Parkinson Lenny pulls off a bank heist and has the protagonist as a getaway driver.
Terry Jack Parkinson Terry pulls off a bank heist and has the protagonist as a getaway driver.
Lord Lucan None Lord Lucan has the protagonist drive him to the Plastic Surgeons in South East Soho.
Arthur Jack Parkinson Arthur pays protection money to Jack Parkinson, with the protagonist collect the money. Arthur, however, is reluctant to pay with the protagonist blowing up a car to scare him into paying.
Filthy Colin None Filthy Colin steals some blow up sex dolls full of TNT, with the protagonist charged with getting them back. Colin is killed in a car explosion.
Endeavour Chambers None Endeavour Chambers is an undercover agent who incurs the wrath of Jack Parkinson. Chambers had been tracking Hans Nemesis.
Hans Nemesis None Hans Nemesis is an Austrian who gets control of an ICMB missile, with the protagonist stopping them from launching.
Rough Tony None Rough Tony is a pimp who kidnaps a prostitute, with the protagonist rescuing her and killing Tony.
Terry Dorkins Albert and Archie Crisp Terry Dorkins gives the protagonist instructions during one mission.
Lenny Smith None Lenny Smith has incurred the wrath of the Crisp Brothers, with the protagonist sent to kill him.
Reg Smith None Reg Smith is the brother of Lenny Smith who is killed by the protagonist, who is looking for his brother Lenny.
Gerald Lenny Smith Gerald works for Lenny Smith and is killed by the protagonist.
Cyprus Phil Harold Cartwright Cyprus Phil is an associate of Harold Cartwright, who informs the protagonist where Cartwright is and is then killed.