Tiger Tank

Tiger Tank
The Tiger Tank in GTA London 1961.
The Tiger Tank in GTA London 1961.
Appearance(s) GTA London 1961
Vehicle type Tank

The Tiger Tank is a tank featured in Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961.


Unlike the Royal Pain, the Tiger Tank assumes a more realistic design and features a typical camouflage paint scheme. Despite the name, however, the vehicle resembles a short barreled Panther or a British Valentine tank more than a Tiger. Nevertheless, the Tiger Tank is the only vehicle in the GTA series named after a real life tank.

Like earlier tanks, the Tiger Tank is incapable of firing its turret, but is highly resilient to damage and can run over smaller vehicles with ease, damaging them severely and triggering them to explode. As one would expect, the tank, being heavy and large, is has a low top speed and mediocre steering.

Prominent role

The Tiger Tank is only integral to a Kill Frenzy in GTA London 1961, when it must be used to attain 1,000 points by destroying other vehicles. The tank can be found in southeast Soho in a football stadium near the northern entrance; entry into the tank automatically triggers the Kill Frenzy, but the player may continue to drive the tank regardless of whether the player passes or fails the Kill Frenzy.

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