Fishmarket North

Inner Fishmarket North as viewed to the southwest from the Humboldt River. Union Drive East is visible in the foreground, portions of Lower Easton are present towards the background.

Fishmarket North is a small three-block neighbourhood in Algonquin, Liberty City. It is bordered to the north by Garnet Street (Presidents City); to the east by the Humboldt River; to the south by Emerald Street (Fishmarket South); and to the west by Borlock Road (Lower Easton).


Fishmarket North is effectively the northern half of the larger riverside "Fishmarket" district, the southern half being known as Fishmarket South. In comparison to Fishmarket South, however, Fishmarket North has not underwent the same large scale development in recent decades that saw former fish markets and tenements demolished in favor of brand new skyscrapers. Instead, the district still functions as a traditional fishmarket, although the harborfront of the district, like Fishmarket South has been overshadowed by the elevated span of Union Drive East (which runs parallel to the at-grade Privateer Road). The riverfront still houses industrial buildings equipped with docks, presumably to serve businesses in Fishmarket North.


Fishmarket North is evidently inspired by the district surrounding the Manhattan-based Fulton Market in New York City, which has since underwent significant gentrification and preservation. Fishmarket North's proximity with the Broker Bridge also mirror's Fulton Market's position in relation to Brooklyn Bridge, although Fishmarket North is actually located north of the bridge when Fulton Market is south from Brooklyn Bridge.

Places of interest

The centerpiece of Fishmarket North is a fish market beside Union Drive East that bears resemblance to the later Fulton Fish Market building in Manhattan [1]; the brick building appears to mirror the Fulton Market building by location, but is depicted with a more simplistic design and appears to remain a fish market still (judging by the equipment and workers populating the area). The only similarity is the rough profile of the entire building and its brick construction.

Another landmark in the district is a large LCPD station located in both Fishmarket North and neighboring Lower Easton, being based on One Police Plaza (NYPD headquarters), albiet significantly scaled down; the portion of the complex within Fishmarket North consist only of a smaller rear block and the station's carpark with a police officer on guard in the guard house. For more details on the station, see the Lower Easton article.


Fishmarket North has no direct connection to any subway station in the city. The closest station is Emerald on the Algonquin Outer Line in Easton, northwest from Fishmarket North. The aforementioned Union Drive East also runs pass the district in the form of a looming elevated highway, with an exit directed to the border between Fishmarket North and Presidents City to the north