For the car in GTA London, see Beagle 3.
A Beagle in GTA San Andreas.

The Beagle is an airplane found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Beagle is a twin engine turbo-prop airplane based on the Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander. Although very slow, the Beagle can turn much faster than any other airplane in GTA San Andreas, despite not letting the player retract the landing gear. The Beagle can accommodate only two people (pilot and passenger) despite having 10 seats.

It is arguably the most under-used plane in GTA San Andreas despite its acceptable handling considering its large size, as well as its short takeoff distance. Other than that, they are found flying all over the state and one occasionally crashes at the highest point on Mount Chiliad (although it doesn't crash all the time as it can perform a U-Turn).

Also when the Beagle appears in Fort Carson, as a spawning mistake, the plane can be stuck between the small house next to it and a large wooden pole. However on very rare occasions the plane can be seen on the road not between the two objects, where most of the time if you try to get the plane out, between the objects it blows up.


  • Parked by the runway in Easter Bay Airport, San Fierro.
  • Spawns on a building in Fort Carson, probably a coding mistake; It usually explodes upon entry, it is possible to get out but only with the use of various cheats.
  • Can be seen flying low over the player in small desert and countryside towns.


  • Like most other aircraft, the Beagle plays K-DST by default.
  • Trevor Philips used to own an air freight outfit in North Yankton, where he used a borrowed Beagle to move requested cargo into Canada.