Uranium Street

Uranium St is one of the 24 east-west streets in North and East Holland. Uranium is a one-way street, heading west, starting along Bismarck Ave cutting through Cod Row, Denver Ave, Exeter Ave, Frankfort Avenue and ending along Galveston Ave. The Holland Hospital Center is located on the Uranium-Frankfort junction and the Westminister Towers is located on the Uranium-Galvestion T-junction.

Events of GTA IV

Serveral GTA IV missions take place here, the East Holland projects between Denver and Cod Row is the scene of Francis McReary's Holland Nights, where you kill Clarence Little, the Westminister Towers is the scene for Ray Boccino's A Long Way to Fall, where you kill Teddy Benevidez, and it's where The Lost bikers enter the subway in the mission No Way on the Subway.