Dukes Boulevard

Dukes Boulevard

Dukes Boulevard, is the main street in Dukes.


The Boulevard begins at the intersection of Algonquin-Dukes Expressway in Broker, and terminates at the starting/ending point of the Broker-Dukes Expressway.East Island City, is one of the main neighborhoods in Dukes and the centre of the neighbourhood is on Dukes Boulevard, with a Bank of Liberty chain, at Harrison Street, the National Union of Contemporary Arts Building, at San Jacincto Avenue, and the LC24 Tower


  • Sometimes, regular cars use traffic signals in a reverse way. (for example, red = go, green = stop). However they don't respond to yellow traffic lights.
  • Dukes Boulevard is a take-off of Queens Boulevard is real life.
  • It is used in the race 'Dukes Boulevard Race' for Brucie Kibbutz, in which the player races along the Boulevard.
  • Real Badman who can be found as a Random Character, can be found sitting on a bench, on Dukes Boulevard.
  • Located along Dukes Boulevard is a subway station.

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