Lorimar Street

Lorimar Street is an east-west street that stretches for 5-blocks in Midtown Algonquin in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. It travels through the districts of Purgatory, Star Junction and Hatton Gardens in a strictly one way west-to-east direction. The locations through which Lorimar Street passes as well its proximity to certain landmarks such as the Civilization Committee Headquarters would indicate that Lorimar Street is a in-game reference to 47th Street in New York City.

Lorimar Street begins in Purgatory at the intersection with Galveston Avenue, as a continuation of West Way. The street continues east passing the Bahama Mamas Nightclub and then crosses Frankfort Avenue where it enters the Star Junction district. It by-passes luxury hotels through the next block before passing through the northern part of the Star Junction intersection, intersecting first Burlesque and then Denver-Exeter Avenue. The street intersects Columbus Avenue at the next block, passing into the Hatton Gardens district. This section of Lorimar Street allows the main access to Columbus Cathedral from the south-side of the building. Lorimar Street finally crosses through Bismarck Avenue before reaching its end at the entrance to the Civilization Committee Headquarters at the intersection with Albany Avenue.