Weapons in GTA Chinatown Wars

In Chinatown Wars, there are weapons that are new and some came back. There are a total of 23 weapons excluding the fist. New weapons like the Teaser, the Dual Pistol, Proximity Mines and Flashbang Grenade are introduced in the game. Other weapons came from GTA III era and GTA IV era. GTA III era weapons are changed or reintroduced like the Sword (similar to the Katana), Revolver (the Python), Chainsaw, Flame Thrower and the Minigun. The weapons can be bought online through Huang Lee's PDA and if they're bought, the weapons will be delivered to the nearest safehouse. The Sniper Rifle and the Molotov Cocktail are the only weapons in the game that serve as a mini-game (assembling and making, respectively). Also, the Sniper Rifle is the only weapon that cannot be bought or carried by the protagonist, excluding missions given.

Weapons in GTA Chinatown Wars



Submachine gun


Assault Rifles





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