Weapons in GTA Vice City Stories

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, there are a total amount of 34 weapons available for the player to choose from. Most of the weapons are similar to these from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City but the models have significantly changed. New weapons introduced include the Butterfly Knife, Gaff Hook, Beretta model for the regular pistol, Scorpion, M249, the M21 sniper rifle along with the Dragunov model used for the laser sniper. Other weapons have also changed model including the Colt Python now having a scope which is unusable however, the M16 rifle now takes it's form from the M16 and the MP5 model is a SP89. The sounds for the weapons are nearly the same as the ones in GTA Vice City but certain weapons have small differences like the sounds for the Mac-10 and M249. Another thing added is binoculars available to watch things from a distance. Ammu-Nation now sells the heavy weapons, rocket launcher and Minigun which it didn't in the previous renditions. The only gun that is available only through spawn points (aside from the melee weapons) is the Mac-10. Stonewall J's is a new weapon shop the player can buy a number of weapons from. Below is a list on all the weapons available in the game.