Mount Chiliad in GTA III Era

Mount Chiliad in GTA San Andreas.

Mount Chiliad is a mountain in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located in Whetstone, San Andreas. Immediately to the north is the bustling city of San Fierro, while just to the south, at the mountain's base, is the small town of Angel Pine.

The Mount Chiliad name is reused for a similar mountain in Grand Theft Auto V.


Mount Chiliad is one of the largest and most prominent natural features in the San Andreas area, being very much visible from much of Whetstone and San Fierro. Being half a kilometer high, it is also one of the highest features in the state, towering well into the cloud layers of the sky.

The mountain's terrain is largely treacherous with steep rock-faces and high cliffs, and has moderately dense redwood vegetation on leveled terrain up until two-thirds of the way up. Players can still scale the mountain via an extensive number of dirt paths that wind around the mountain and lead to the summit; these features are adapted for use in The Chiliad Challenge mountain biking races, which holds races that run through different routes down the mountain, one of which features North Shore wooden ramps.

The summit consists of a leveled plateau complete with a view platform which offers panoramic views of the landscape below and also features a plaque that can also be used as a ramp to jump off the platform. Although the summit can be reached via a road vehicle, the highest point of the mountain is located further south and may be too steep for certain vehicles to scale.

The mountain also features other minute details, such as a massive natural arch and a single cabin that serves as the hiding place for a witness in "Badlands".

The mountain may be based on Mount Diablo, which is of similar proximity to San Francisco/San Fierro, or Mount Whitney, which is closer to Angel Pine's real-life equivalent Lone Pine. The name "Chiliad" is a term for the number 1,000, mostly used in religious text.

Parked vehicles

  • Camper (found near the peak)
  • Journey (found near the peak)
  • Mesa (at the base and near the entrance of the mountain; appears only when wanted for export)
  • Mountain Bike (Found at the base near the entrance to the mountain and also at the summit, which starts The Chiliad Challenge when hopped on during daytime, and at the foot of the mountain).
  • Sanchez (at the base and near the entrance of the mountain)

Pickups and collectibles


  • Due to its height, planes may collide into the mountain more frequently than any other place in the state.