SNS Pistol

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Characters carrying the pistol as seen in a pre-release screenshot.

The SNS Pistol is a small handgun featured in the Beach Bum update for Grand Theft Auto V. It is described by Rockstar as a "compact yet deadly" gun and can be obtained for free at AmmuNation. It will also be automatically equipped for single player characters once the update is installed.

It seems to similiarly resemble the Colt Junior 25, with some design elements also similar to the AMT Backup.


The SNS has an average performance in comparison to other low-grade pistols, being fairly poweful, but at the expense of basic accuracy and very short range, the shortest of all non-shotgun firearms. Due to the very small capacity of the weapon (If not improved), a full magazine in the chest may not be enough to kill a player. When fighting an NPC with the SNS, it usually takes about 3 body shots to kill.

An extended magazine can be bought for it, doubling its ammo capacity from 6 to 12.


  • The name is an abbreviation for saturday night special, a common slang term for small inexpensive firearms.
  • Humorously, it is named as "Pistola fajuta" in the Brazilian Portuguese version of the game, roughly translated as "Crappy pistol".
  • The SNS Pistol is the smallest firearm in the series.
  • For some reason, if you go to Ammu-nation, remove the extended magazine attatchment from the SNS, exit Ammu-nation, and re-enter, the extended magazine will be equipped.