Businesses in GTA Vice City

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This is a list of businesses in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which appear in Vice City in the year 1986.

Business Name Category Subcategory
1 Hour Photo Retail Photography
8-Ball Autos Services Garages
A+B Auto Services Garage
Air Biscuit Transport Airline
Air Rockstar Transport Airline
Alberta Hotel Services Hotel
American Drapery Retail Home Improvement/Repair
Ammu-Nation Retail Weapons
Avec Moi Holidays Services Travel Agents
Aviacion Cubana Transport Airline
Bakery & Cafeteria Food & Drink Café
Baran Discount & Coffee Shop Food & Drink Coffee Shop
Beef Bandit Food & Drink Restaurant
Belle Maitresse Beauty Salon Retail Beautician
Big Bills Bowls Entertainment Sports
Billy's Records Retail Music
Bitch'n' Dog Food Food & Drink Pet Food
Boatyard Services Garage
Botanica Carlos Miguel Retail Florist
Broons Unknown Unknown
Bullet Bus & Coach Line Transport Public Transport
Bunch of Tools Retail Home Improvement/Repair
The Burger Shot Food & Drink Restaurant
Café Robina Food & Drink Café
Café Under the Tree Food & Drink Café
Calle 8 Cafeteria Food & Drink Café
Callegi Delicatessen Restaurant Food & Drink Delicatessen
C.A.M. Services Shipping
Cam's Can Openers Services Locksmith
Capitol Discount Auto Parts Services Garage
Carnicero Romero Retail Butchers
Carosello Italiano Food & Drink Restaurant
Chartered Libertine Lines Services Shipping
The Cheesy Crust Pizza Co. Food & Drink Restaurant
Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory Food & Drink Manufacturing
City Haul Services Haulage
City Scrap Services Junkyard
Coin Laundry Services Laundrette
Collar & Cuffs Retail Clothing
Colon Hotel Services Hotel
Compact Disc Players Retail Music
Crest Building Services Construction
Crocs Bar Food & Drink Bar
Cut 'N' Shut Services Car Rental
Dakota Hotel Services Hotel
Deacon Hotel Services Hotel
DBP Security Services Security
Diner Liquor Food & Drink Restaurant
Dispensary Services Pharmacy
DMAir Rockstar Transport Airline
East Sky Airlines Transport Airline
Eddie's Retail Home Improvement/Repair
Eglise Baptiste de la Régénération Unknown Unknown
El Banco Corrupto Grande Services Bank
Elbee Chemists Services Pharmacy
El Nuevo Siglo Supermarket Retail Supermarket
Fabric-8 Retail Clothing
Farmacia Central Services Pharmacy
Fossil Oil Services Energy
Front Page Café Food & Drink Café
Full Moon Warehouse Services Warehouse
Fun World Entertainment Theme Park
Funeraria Romero Services Undertakers
Galeria Musical Retail Music
GASH Retail Clothing
GasMaster Services Energy
Gay Gordo's Bouffant Boutique Retail Barber & Hairdresser
Going Services Energy
GR Golfing Entertainment Sports
The Greasy Chopper Food & Drink Bar
Haitian Air Transport Airline
Haul Services Haulage
Hi Fi Stuff Retail Electronics
Hombre Electronics Retail Electronics
Hooker Inn Express Services Hotel
Hotel Harrison Services Hotel
Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium Vehicles Auto Dealership
Hyman Memorial Stadium Entertainment Stadium
Inside Track Retail Betting Shop
InterGlobal Studios Media Film & Television
Jack's Prosthetic Services Medical
Jocksport Retail Clothing
Joe's Beds Retail Home Improvement/Repair
John Homes Services Real Estate
Kaufman Cabs Transport Taxi Firm
Laurence Hotel Services Hotel
Leydi D. Café Food & Drink Café
Little Havana Streetwear & Tattoo Parlour Retail Clothing
Lucky Pierre's Sandwiches Food & Drink Food
Luggage 65 Unknown Unknown
Maison Wenifall Services Hotel
Maivis Bestsellers Retail Book Store
Malibu Club Entertainment Nightclub
Marco's Bistro Food & Drink Restaurant
Marina Sands Hotel Services Hotel
Market & Deli Food & Drink Delicatessen
Marlin Fish Factories Food & Drink Processing
Mars Café Food & Drink Café
Mavis Services Car Rental
McAdam Airways Transport Airline
Milligan Hotel Services Hotel
Moist Palms Hotel Services Hotel
Moonlite Hotel Services Hotel
Mr. Liquor Food & Drink Alcohol
Musical Instruments Retail Music
Nene's Barber Shop Retail Barber & Hairdresser
OakDale Services Retail
The Ocean View Medical Foundation Services Medical
Outta Sight Storage Company Services Storage
Parsons Hotel Services Hotel
Pay 'n' Spray Services Garage
Pet Stuffers Animal Taxidermy
Phil's Place Retail Weapons
Pizza Face Food & Drink Restaurant
The Pole Position Club Adult Entertainment Strip Club
Print Works Media Printers
Psychic Retail Psychic
Rafael's Retail Clothing
Riverside Pavillion Food & Drink Restaurant
Rock City Retail Music
Rockster Video Games Entertainment Video Gaming
Roxor International Unknown Unknown
The Russell Hotel Services Hotel
Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts Food & Drink Food
Ryton Aide Services Pharmacy
San Felis Hotel Services Hotel
Screamin' Colins Guitars Retail Music
Screw This Retail Home Improvement/Repair
Secondhand Circuitry Retail Electronics
Shaft Hot Dogs Food & Drink Restaurant
Shifty Car Rental Services Car Rental
Sliepel's Unknown Unknown
Solid State Hi-Fi Retail Electronics
South West Shipping Co. Services Shipping
Sprunk Food & Drink Soft Drink
Standing Vice Point Services Hotel
Star Shoes Retail Clothing
Steps Clothing Company Retail Clothing
Sumo Retail Electronics
Sunnyside Taxis Transport Taxi Firm
Sunshine Autos Vehicles Auto Dealership
Synth and Son Retail Music
Tacopalypse Food & Drink Food
Tarbrush Café Food & Drink Café
Taylair Transport Airline
Teatro De Bell Media Theatre
Tony's Furniture Retail Home Improvement/Repair
Tooled Up Retail Home Improvement/Repair
La Tradicion Cubana Cigar Factory Retail Manufacturing
VAJ Finance Services Finance
Vice City Air Transport Airline
Vice City Cabs Transport Taxi Firm
Vice City Motors Vehicles Auto Dealership
Vice City News Media Radio
Vice Free Bus Line Transport Public Transport
Vice 'N' Easy Unknown Unknown
Vice Point Supermarket Retail Supermarket
Vice Voice Media Newspaper
Vinyl Countdown Retail Music
Vlads VCR Emporium Retail Electronics
Wayland Surfboards Retail Sports
The Well Stacked Pizza Co. Food & Drink Restaurant
Whippet Express Coach Transport Public Transport
Will's Snack Shop Food & Drink Food
WK Chariot Hotel Services Hotel
Wok & Wok Food & Drink Restaurant