Mountain Bike

A Mountain Bike in GTA San Andreas (With rider).

The Mountain Bike is, as implied, a mountain bike in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and will appear in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Mountain Bike exists in the game as one of only three bicycles in GTA San Andreas, designed more for speed and power rather than nimbleness and ability to execute bicycle tricks. Indeed, the Mountain Bike is the most capable in hill climbing; even if an incline is significantly steep, due to the fact that it has multiple gears (while other bikes only have one). The player can tap the acceleration command while on a Mountain Bike can climb its slope with less effort than other bicycles. As mentioned, the Mountain Bike is less tailored for stunting, and only allows the player to execute moderately high bunny hops when the player can hop higher on a BMX.



  • The Mountain Bike has a glitch that only works in the original PS2 version of San Andreas. When backing up with Square, tap X, and CJ's arms will stretch out of proportion.