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Trouble between the Leone Family, Forelli Family and Sindacco Family started at least in the mid-1980s and lasted until 2001, the last years events shown in the GTA III Era. The Vercetti Gang and the Sicilian Mafia, two other mafia families, have also been involved in the mafia wars. The Vercetti gang working against the Forelli Family and the Sicilian Mafia working against the three families.

People Involved

Gang Affiliated Characters
Leone Family Salvatore Leone, Joey Leone, Toni Cipriani, Luigi Goterelli, Vincenzo Cilli, Mickey Hamfists, Maria Latore, Mike, Misty, Joseph Daniel O'Toole, Donald Love, Giovanni Casa, Ma Cipriani, Donald Love and Leon McAffrey
Forelli Family Franco Forelli, Sonny Forelli, Giorgio Forelli, Mike Forelli, Tommy Vercetti, Harry, Lee, Ken Rosenberg, Lance Vance and Roger C. Hole.
Sindacco Family Paulie Sindacco, Johnny Sindacco, Joseph Daniel O'Toole, Mickey and Bobby.
Sicilian Mafia Uncle Leone and Massimo Torini.
Vercetti Gang Tommy Vercetti, Lance Vance, Ken Rosenberg, Mario, Mike and Earnest Kelly
None Gang Members Claude, Carl Johnson, Mike, Kent Paul, Maccer and Wu Zi Mu
Other Gangs Colombian Cartel, Liberty City Triads, Diablos, Yakuza, Uptown Yardies, Southside Hoods and San Fierro Triads

GTA Vice City


In 1971 Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, killed eleven men in the Harwood district of Portland in Liberty City.[1] It is unknown whether the men were members of the Leone or Sindacco families, however, this is likely as the city is shown to be mafia controlled in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


In 1986 Tommy Vercetti was released from prison, with Sonny Forelli assisting his release[2], and was sent to Vice City by Sonny.[3] This was partly to establish the Forelli Family in the city[4] and partly to get Tommy out of Liberty City, where he would be easily recognised.[5] Vercetti and his companions, Harry and Lee[6], are met by Forelli-contact and Ambulance chaser[7] Ken Rosenberg[8] and immediately drive to a drugs deal. The deal, involving Victor[9] and Lance Vance, is ambushed by Ricardo Diaz's men.[10] This leads to angry Sonny threatening Tommy to get his money back.[11]

Throughout the events GTA Vice City, Tommy Vercetti begins to build up his own business empire within the city[12][13][14][15][16][17] but does not pay Sonny Forelli his money back.[18] Sonny then begins to send his men to collect money from Vercetti's businesses.[19] Vercetti kills the men.[20] Sonny Forelli then arrives in the city and confronts Tommy at his mansion on Starfish Island.[21] Sonny reveals that he set Tommy up in 1971[22][23] and that Lance Vance, who had been assisting Tommy, had joined him.[24] A shoot-out then begins, with Tommy managing to kill both Sonny and Lance. This defeat to Vercetti saw the Forelli's attempts to move into Vice City end.

Mid 1980s

In the mid-1980s Salvatore Leone became the Don of the Leone Family in Palermo, Sicily after a bloody power struggle, which also involved the death of his brother.[25] Salvatore then moved from the "old country" to a mansion in Saint Mark's, Liberty City.

GTA San Andreas


After the death of Sonny Forelli the Forelli Family begin to lose power[26], bringing the three families onto a more equal playing field. There continues to be trouble between the three Liberty City families, with Salvatore's cousin being killed by the Sindacco Family.[27] The Sindacco Family, however, are losing money with a casino in Las Venturas, Caligula's Palace.[28] Sindacco Family representative Johnny Sindacco goes to Salvatore's mansion in Saint Mark's to gain an investment from the Leone Family.[29] Salvatore agrees to invest money into the casino[30], along with the Forelli Family, leading to the three families each owning a third of the casino. However, the Sindacco Family are forced to removed Mickey[31][32], their man running the casino, and replace him with someone the three families can control but who will remain neutral.[33]

In Vice City the Vercetti Gang remain a strong force, although Ken Rosenberg's continued drug use leads to him being disbarred from being a lawyer[34] and entering rehab in Fort Carson.[35][36] After leaving rehab he phones Tommy Vercetti but can not get through, leading to him losing contact with Vercetti.[37] The three Liberty City based families are aware of Rosenberg's stint in rehab and see him as an easy man to control[38] and so convince him to run Caligula's Palace.[39]


By the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Rosenberg has quickly relapsed and once again using drugs, scared that he will be killed if one of the families attack another.[40] This, along with Salvatore's insistence that he wants his money back quickly[41], put Ken into a difficult position. He has only one friend, a parrott called Tony.[42] However, Kent Paul, a friend from Vice City, finds Rosenberg[43] along with his new musician Maccer and ally Carl Johnson.[44] Carl begins to help Rosenberg and Salvatore Leone, however, he does have plans to rob the casino alongside the Triads.[45] Carl at first maintains the peace between the three Liberty City based families by rescuing Johnny Sindacco from the Forelli Family.[46]. The three families, however, quickly begin to fight each other. Johnny Sindacco dies of a heart attack after seeing Carl[47], who was responsible for putting him in hospital[48]. Carl Johnson kills Forelii Family hitmen in a plane who we're sent to kill Salvatiore Leone, as an attempt to take over the casino.[49] Carl also flies back to Liberty City where he kills a high ranking Forelli Family gang member at Marco's Bistro.[50] Carl has now gained Salvatore's trust, in part as he had worked with his son Joey Leone[51] and in part because of the jobs Carl has done. However, Carl and the San Fierro Triads pull off a heist at the casino[52], leading to a big money loss for all three families.


Sometime in 1994 Don Leone sent out Toni Cipriani to kill an unnamed made man from either the Sindaccos or Forellis. Toni murders the man and "lays low" for 4 years untill 1998.


In October 30, 1998 Toni Cipriani came back to Liberty City to find out that Don Salvatore Leone has replaced him with Vincenzo Cilli as his Caporegime. Toni has to do a bunch of favors for Vincenzo such as picking up a drug dealer working for him, killing Sindacco Family members who were dealing on Leone turf, and picking up 4 Leone members who were ambushed by the police. After Toni got ambushed by the police for picking up a car with cocaine in it for Vincenzo Toni quits but started working for a former Sindacco member Joseph Daniel O'Toole who was trying to become a Leone member and did jobs for him like taking Don Leone back to his mansion before the police caught them. Salvatore wanted Toni to start working for him again, at the same time Toni's mother Ma Cipriani demanded Toni to visit her. Toni started working for both of them doing favors for them such as following Giovanni Casa and taking a photo of him in dipers, beating Dan Sucho in a street race and killing him, murdering Triads,and killing Giovanni Casa for not paying Ma her money. While Toni had to get Jane Hopper and her union on Salvatore's side. Later on Ma Cipriani ordered hitmens to kill Toni but Toni managed to kill them all, however, they continued attacking him. Toni later started working for Salvatore's wife Maria Latore, getting him in trouble as she shoplifted, almost got kidnapped by the Sindaccos, putting herself up as 1st place prize gift in a street race, getting beaten up by the Liberty City Bikers leader (who Toni killed), and almost overdosing. Toni starts working for JD again where he saves Salvatore's life and when the Leones get into a gang war with the Sindaccos, the Sicilian Mafia were paying the local gangs to start a mob war between the Leones, Sindaccos, and Forelli Families, led by Salvatore's Uncle. This leads to a lot of attacks forcing the 3 families to leave Portland into Staunton Island.


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