John F. Hickory

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John F. Hickory is a resident of Vice City in 1986. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, he appears as a guest on VCPR's Pressing Issues, alongside Congressman Alex Shrub and Callum Crayshaw. He is very a very patriotic Floridian, since moving to Vice City in 1981, going so far to even taking the states name as his middle name (Maurice Chavez, the Pressing Issues host, asks Hickory "What's the 'F' for?" Hickory replies "For Florida!"), and believes that Florida should secede from the union, and once Florida becomes a nation, seal the borders to people from the United States. He plans on achieving secession by "building a river...a river of freedom!" to divide the continental United States and Florida. He vehemently implores Floridians to "go into [their] backyards and dig a river of freedom!"