Barry Stark

Barry Stark
Appearances GTA III
GTA Vice City
Full Name Barry Stark


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Family Unnamed wife
Occupation Nudist rights campaigner
Voiced by Renaud Sebbane

Barry Stark is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a radio caller in Grand Theft Auto III and a radio guest in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is voiced by Renaud Sebbane.

Character history

Barry Stark is, in 1986, a nudist rights campaigner based in Vice City who agrees to take part in the Pressing Issues program on Vice City Public Radio. On the show, he tells people about his life on a commune with his wife and that the commune residents share wives, He also requests that people become nudists and tells the listeners of his plans for more nude recreation in Vice City, including a casino. He claims that nudity would lead to peace, reduction in crime, closer family bonds, and that clothes 'lead to immorality'. Stark is the author of As Nature Intended and the editor of the Naturist News.

Stark's appearance on the show, however, brings his honesty into question when he first tells Maurice Chavez (the host) that he became a nudist while on holiday in Halle, Germany in 1982 before telling him that he one day wanted to go to school naked and that his mother was okay with it but that he was taken away by social services. At the end of the show he is shot by Pastor Richards after coming from behind a divider keeping him separate from Maurice, Richards and the other guest Jan Brown. Richards shot Barry due to his belief that Barry is an 'evil-doer'. Barry survives and tells Maurice that he needs a proctologist. He later moves to Liberty City and phones into Chatterbox FM in 2001.