Avery Carrington's Rival

Avery Carrington's Rival
Avery Carrington's rival (centre) practising golf.
Avery Carrington's rival (centre) practising golf.

Avery Carrington's rival (centre) practising golf.
Appearances GTA Vice City
Full Name Avery Carrington's Rival


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 1986 (during Four Iron)
Nationality American
Home Vice City
Occupation Real estate developer
Voiced by Not credited

Avery Carrington's rival is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. His voice actor is not credited.

Character history

Little is known about Avery Carrington's rival except for the fact that he is a rival property developer to Avery Carrington and enjoys playing golf. Avery Carrington's rival, at an unknown point in time, became involved in property and real estate before becoming a property developer. By 1986 he had become a rival to Avery Carrington and had acquired some land Carrington wished to purchase, which he refused to sell to Avery. Carrington, angry at not getting his own way, hires Tommy Vercetti to locate him at the Leaf Links Golf Couse and kill him so he could claim the land himself. Tommy goes to the Jocksport store in Vice Point and changes into golfing attire. He then goes to the Leaf Links, gets into the golf cart provided and drives to the Leaf Link Golf Club's driving range, where Avery's rival is practicing his golfing shots. Unfortunately for Tommy, Avery's rival sees him and sends his four bodyguards to deal with him while he makes his getaway in a golf cart. Tommy manages to kill his attackers, gets into a golf cart and, after a long golf cart chase, he catches up to him and kills him.


  • Avery Carrington's rival wears a pink shirt, a white glove, blue trousers and black and white shoes and is armed with a golf club.
  • The bodyguards for Avery Carrington's rival have the same character model as the men chasing Tommy Vercetti in Check Out At The Check In, the men in black attire dealing with the Sharks in Loose Ends and the bodyguards at the Malibu Club.
  • It is possible to kill Avery's rival without attracting his attention. Simply aim a Sniper rifle, combat sniper rifle, M-60 machine gun, M16 assault rifle or Ruger at him at first person view from a distance away and then fire at him until he dies.
  • As soon as Avery's rival is dead, his bodyguards will leave you alone. Shooting at, or attacking, them will not make them fight back.
  • Avery's rival has only one line of dialogue.

Mission appearance

GTA Vice City