Max Cavalera

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Max Cavalera is the DJ for Liberty City Hardcore Radio Station in The Lost and Damned.

Cavalera was the real-life lead singer of the band Sepultura who plays the featured thrash metal song "Dead Embryonic Cells" (which is also featured in the trailer for The Lost and Damned), and is currently the frontman of Soulfly and Calvalera Conspiracy. The opening to the song "Blood Fire War Hate", by Soulfly is also played at the begining of the The Lost and Damned's sequential LCHC playlist, as part of the 'Blood Fire War Hate Death Metal Show' introduction.

Max promotes various band songs from different genres of metal, including his own, "Dead Embryonic Cells". During the introduction to "Call from the Grave" by Bathory and Terrorizer's "Fear of Napalm", Max speaks for America although a number of songs played are originally performed by Scandinavian bands such as Bathory, Entombed and At the Gates, and European bands like Celtic Frost and Kreator.