Iggy Pop

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Iggy Pop is a rock singer of the band Iggy Pop and who hosts Liberty Rock Radio 97.8 in Grand Theft Auto IV. He voices himself.

His Attitude

In between songs and the Liberty Rock jingle, Iggy often has his opinion about drugs, terrorism, women, today's music, and the time of day/weather in Liberty City. He rarely ends his opinions without throwing in slurs of vulgar language ("have a nice day sucking the corporate cock") ("well it's all shit, just plain shit") ("...a type of t'ai chi called fucking like a bandit. Great exercise man, spiritual.") He also mentions a few times of his station that, "I play what I wanna play and say what I wanna say." and, "I don't give a fuck whether you like these songs or not 'cause I do!" This means that he doesn't care what the FCC thinks about what he plays and what language he dishes out because he thinks of himself as a "freedom fighter" and is laid back against other radio stations that are "held by the balls" (so to speak).

More sayings between songs have been added on Liberty Rock Radio 97.8 with the appearance of The Lost and Damned, which can also be heard on The Ballad Of Gay Tony.

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