Modo/Clothing in GTA IV

The following is a complete list of clothing available from Modo in GTA IV.

List of clothing


Style Image Price
Golf jacket in gray Modo-GTAIV-golfjacketingray.jpg $200
Golf jacket in green Modo-GTAIV-golfjacketingreen.jpg $200
Golf jacket in sand Modo-GTAIV-golfjacketinsand.jpg $200
Brown knit Modo-GTAIV-brownknit.jpg $100
Dark knit Modo-GTAIV-darkknit.jpg $100
Striped knit Modo-GTAIV-stripedknit.jpg $100
Plaid shirt Modo-GTAIV-plaidshirt.jpg $80
Silk shirt Modo-GTAIV-silkshirt.jpg $80
Stripe shirt Modo-GTAIV-stripeshirt.jpg $80
Ski jacket in black Modo-GTAIV-skijacketinblack.jpg $100
Ski jacket in brown Modo-GTAIV-skijacketinbrown.jpg $100
Ski jacket in gray Modo-GTAIV-skijacketingray.jpg $100


Style Image Price
Brown pants Modo-GTAIV-brownpants.jpg $100
Chinos Modo-GTAIV-chinos.jpg $100
Chinos in black Modo-GTAIV-chinosinblack.jpg $100
Black jeans Modo-GTAIV-blackjeans.jpg $100
Blue jeans Modo-GTAIV-bluejeans.jpg $100
Stonewashed jeans Modo-GTAIV-stonewashedjeans.jpg $100


Style Image Price
Black moccasins Modo-GTAIV-blackmoccasins.jpg $85
Brown moccasins Modo-GTAIV-brownmoccasins.jpg $85
Gray moccasins Modo-GTAIV-graymoccasins.jpg $85
tennis shoes
Modo-GTAIV-whitetennisshoes.jpg $85
White & brown
tennis shoes
Modo-GTAIV-white&browntennisshoes.jpg $85
White & red
tennis shoes
Modo-GTAIV-white&redtennisshoes.jpg $85