A skin is a texture that is placed over a three-dimensional model (a DFF file), which includes clothing, vehicles, and weapons. Most skins are stored within texture archive files. While most skins follow a generally similar template, not all exactly do, because textures can be mapped differently for different models. For example, most skins for NPC characters do not follow the design of the player character skin.

User defined skins

A feature unique to the PC versions of Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the ability for the player create their own skins. These are usually placed in the skins folder in the install directory (example, Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAIII\skins). The skins have different layouts for both games. All skins must be in 24-bit Bitmap (bmp) format, and have to be 256 by 256 pixels in size. Skins in GTA III can be accessed at any time after the player character is not in the Liberty State Penitentiary jumpsuit, and skins in GTA Vice City can be accessed by wearing the street outfit. The skins folders will have a template skin to work with. Skins can be chosen and previewed within the game's pause menu.

Texture guides

Below are the designs in which the player must follow for the skin to come out properly:


  • Specific writings on the skin it may not display as intended on the player character (could be backwards, upside down, double written, or written in the opposite direction).

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