A Roadtrain in GTA San Andreas (Rear quarter view).

The Roadtrain is a semi-truck trailer in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



The Roadtrain is designed as a large rugged semi-truck, being the largest, heaviest and most powerful among the game's three semi trucks (the other two being the Tanker and Linerunner), and comes complete with a large frontal bullbar, a bug catcher over the radiator grille, and twin stoke pipe air intakes. The truck is further distinguished by its two-tone body color.

The design of the truck itself is presumably based on heavy duty "prime movers" tractor units in Australia, which tend to be used to haul road trains (consisting of two or more articulated trailers) to remote parts of the country. Australian prime mover models such as the Macks (Black Thunder, Titan), and Western Stars may be sources of inspiration for the Roadtrain.


The truck's performance is impressive, possessing a relatively high top speed (especially in straightaways and downhill travel), as well as excellent torque for improved hill climbing and acceleration, and responsive steering and brakes. The vehicle's weight distribution and wide length and width makes the Roadtrain more stable than the Tanker or Linerunner, although high speed encounters with bumps may still flip the vehicle. The vehicle's heavy construction also makes the Roadtrain very durable.


  • The default radio station of the Roadtrain is K-Rose.


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