Little Willie

A Little Willie in GTA Vice City Stories.

The Little Willie is a compact helicopter in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


The Little Willie is implied to be designed in the form of a gyrocopter, but lacks a crucial vertical rotor that provides the aircraft horizontal thrust; instead, the Little Willie features the same set of rotors (main horizontal blades and tail blades) seen on larger helicopters. Despite this shortcoming, the Little Willie is still the most nimble helicopter in the game, owing to its compact build, allowing the aircraft to achieve moderately good top speeds, small turning radius, and short mid-air stopping distances. The Little Willie also comes equipped with working twin machine guns that fire Uzi rounds.

Its name is a reference to the famous gyrocopter "Little Nellie" used by Sean Connery's 007 in the film You Only Live Twice. It is also a reference to the world's first tank, also named Little Willie in 1915. Another reason for the name is probably, knowing Rockstar's love for sexual references, due to the fact that a "Willy" is another name for a penis, so combined with the name for the famous Bond gyrocopter, you get a term for a small penis.



  • The Little Willie is the only helicopter in Vice City Stories, and likely the entire GTA Series, to gain altitude over time when hovering in the air (all other helicopters lose altitude over time).
  • The Little Willie features an interesting glitch where the middle camera view is absent. When selecting the camera view, the game skips from the most distant to the closest view.