Sunshine Autos Export Garage

The Sunshine Autos export garage is a location at the Sunshine Autos asset in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for a side mission involving the acquisition of several vehicles mentioned on a given list. The export element of the garage is very similar to the export mechanics of the import/export side-mission in Grand Theft Auto III, as well as various import/export side mission in following games.


Located at A+B Auto in the Sunshine Autos compound (to the right when traveling down the ramp), the import garage is unlocked after the purchase of Sunshine Autos following "Shakedown", to which point the garage will post next to its garage door a list of vehicles to be brought to the garage.

Exporting a correct vehicle will award the player $500, and mark off the vehicle from the list (disallowing more of the same vehicles to be delivered). Completing each list awards an additional $20,000, in addition to a new vehicle being made available at the showroom and an increase on the daily income generated from the showroom.

The garage is not accessible after all these lists have completed because the garage will only open if the player drive there in a requested vehicle.

Whenever the player attempts to deliver a vehicle that either isn't requested or has already been delivered, they will be given the message "We're not interested in that model." upon being in front of the garage.


There are four lists to complete, with each list requesting for six vehicles. Completing the first list will acquire the asset to progress through the story. Completion of all four lists is required to achieve completion.

Note that while the lists provides specific locations for vehicles, the vehicles are not necessarily exclusive to the locations mentioned and can be obtained anywhere in the city by chance.

List 1

Street cars and SUVs

Rewards: $20,000, plus a Deluxo spawning at the bottom floor Sunshine Autos, facing the street. Sunshine Autos will generate up to $1,500. The asset is "acquired" to progress the story.

List 2

Expensive cars

Rewards: $20,000, plus a Sabre Turbo spawning at the bottom floor of Sunshine Autos, facing the front window of the showroom. Sunshine Autos will generate up to $4,000.

List 3

Sports cars

Rewards: $20,000, plus a Sandking spawning on the top floor of Sunshine Autos, facing the streets. Sunshine Autos will generate up to $6,500.

List 4

Specialized vehicles

Rewards: $20,000, plus a Hotring Racer spawning on the top floor of Sunshine Autos, facing the streets. Sunshine Autos will generate up to $9,000.


  • The income pickup at the showroom resets to $0 whenever the completion of a export list increases the showroom's income.
  • A Kruton 9000 computer can be found in the garage.

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