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Looking for That Special Someone is the title of the second official trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV, released by Rockstar Games on 28th June 2007. It shows in detail the gameplay and improved graphics that the game has to offer.

The trailer shows more gameplay and animation; including speech, driving and weapons fire; the characters also appear to have visible fingers for the first time. Some of the new effects include Niko hanging on the back of a truck while it's driving, and hanging from the platform of a helicopter. Also, some of the trees in the trailer appear to be brown, another indicator that seasons may play a part (particularly Fall). Reflections can also be seen, including in a wing mirror.

Several references to previous GTA games can be seen, including a Binco clothes shop and graffiti of El Burro. Some familiar vehicles can also be seen including a Stallion and a Voodoo.

All footage in this trailer is captured in real-time on a next generation gaming console, so it is a true indicator of what playing GTA IV will be like. It is running on RAGE (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine) using Euphoria - a fully procedural animation package created by NaturalMotion. The song in this trailer is by New York City based band The Boggs titled "Arm In Arm (Shy Child Remix)"


This detailed analysis is made after the release of the game. Every scene within the trailer is labeled in the table.

Time Analysis
0:00.000 0:05.038 Rating
0:05.072 0:06.607 A view of the Broker Bridge, looking towards Algonquin from the northeast side of the bridge.
0:06.607 0:09.710 Niko Bellic driving in an Imponte Stallion on the Broker Bridge. The car's side view mirror that fully reflected the bridge no longer have that detail.
0:09.743 0:11.011 Niko at the United Liberty Paper office in "Portrait of a Killer". A Nano 360 billboard seen in the background is now replaced by a Max Renda billboard.
0:11.011 0:12.412 Niko paying the toll on the southbound side of the East Borough Bridge.
0:12.466 0:14.047 Niko driving east on Emerald Street in Chinatown, Algonquin.
0:14.047 0:15.082 Niko talking to Roman Bellic in front of the South Bohan safehouse in "Hostile Negotiation".
0:15.115 0:16.617 Niko driving west on South Parkway in Castle Gardens, Algonquin.
0:16.617 0:17.584 Niko driving west on the Hickey Bridge.
0:17.618 0:18.585 Niko driving east on Bart Street in Hove Beach, Broker, by the 69th Street Diner. The interior visible in the scene is now covered by curtains.
0:18.619 0:19.453 Niko walking south along the abandoned bridge in Tudor, Alderney.
0:19.453 0:20.454 Niko walking north near the Burger Shot in Star Junction.
0:20.454 0:21.388 Niko talking with Ray Boccino in "Museum Piece".
0:21.421 0:22.356 Niko walking north in Port Tudor.
0:22.356 0:23.323 Continuation of the scene with Ray Boccino.
0:23.357 0:25.792 Niko with Roman at Bernie Crane's place in "Weekend at Florian's". The interior scene was much different and brighter.
0:25.826 0:26.927 Niko with a helmet driving south on the East Borough Bridge on an NRG 900. A Yankee passes by.
0:26.960 0:28.195 Ilyena Faustin at Firefly Island during the random encounter.
0:28.195 0:29.530 Niko in cover along a wall west of Dukes Boulevard in Cerveza Heights. This wall contains many artworks from past GTA games.
0:29.530 0:30.597 NOOSE surrounding the Bank of Liberty in "Three Leaf Clover".
0:30.597 0:31.231 Continuation of the scene with Niko in cover, looking over the corner.
0:31.231 0:32.399 Continuation of the scene with NOOSE surrounding the bank. The building to the left had fire escapes that are no longer there.
0:32.399 0:33.534 An Annihilator flying towards the northwest over Garnet Street, Suffolk.
0:33.534 0:34.668 Niko jumping from a roof in "Ivan the Not So Terrible".
0:34.668 0:35.402 Niko hanging off a Mule at the truck turns the corner from Bridger Street to Flathead Road in "Truck Hustle".
0:35.435 0:36.403 Niko encounters Badman in "Shadow"
0:36.436 0:37.771 A person hanging onto a Maverick.
0:37.771 0:38.427 Niko beating Dardan Petrela in "Three's a Crowd".
0:38.505 0:39.239 Niko in Hove Beach with Roman Bellic being beat up in "Bleed Out".
0:39.239 0:40.007 Niko walking at the San Quentin Avenue station.
0:40.007 0:40.774 Niko walking north in Gantry Park, Steinway.
0:40.774 0:41.742 Niko walking north near the Broker Safehouse in Hove Beach.
0:41.775 0:42.609 Niko firing an Assault Rifle in "To Live and Die in Alderney".
0:42.643 0:43.510 Looking westward, a car is being shot on Praetorian Avenue, Acter Industrial Park, Alderney.
0:43.544 0:45.946 Niko being attacked by the cops on Mohawk Avenue in Hove Beach.
0:45.979 0:47.247 Niko being chased westward by the cops along Schneider Avenue in Acter, Alderney.
0:47.281 0:48.148 Niko being chased westward by the cops along Hardtack Avenue in Acter.
0:48.181 0:49.349 Niko confronting Darko Brevic in "That Special Someone"
0:49.349 0:51.318 Looking southwards, Niko bails out of his car into petrol pumps at the RON filling station in BOABO, Broker.
0:51.351 0:56.132 Niko at Fishmarket South listening to his cell phone.


From "Portrait of a Killer":

  • UL Paper: "You're looking for some people."
  • Niko Bellic: "We're all looking for that special someone."

From "Hostile Negotiation":

  • Niko Bellic: "I need to know what happened. Give me that."

From "Uncle Vlad":

  • Niko Bellic: "For ten years I've been searching..."

From "Museum Piece":

  • Niko Bellic: "I need this from you. A guarantee that you will find this man."

From Ilyena Faustin random encounter:

  • Ilyena Faustin: Please... no more killing...

From "Uncle Vlad":

From "Weekend at Florian's":

  • Niko Bellic: "We have to find him..."

From "Museum Piece":

  • Ray Boccino: "Fine you got it, you want my word, you got my word."

From "That Special Someone":

  • Niko Bellic: "I'm the one... who survived."

From "Liquidize the Assets":

  • UL Paper: "Get this done. Then we'll talk."