Here are some general tips, hints and tricks to help you on your adventure through Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV.


  • To move up/down stairs more quickly, sprint up/down them. You can also jump up/down them, however, this might cost you health points. You'll go much faster than just walking.
  • As soon as you receive a gun, try to master headshots. First auto-aim, then move the aiming target up a little bit; Niko will aim for the upper body/head instead of the stomach. Headshots are instant kills, so you'll save ammo (money) and kill enemies faster (keeping you alive) by learning to adjust your aim and go for headshots. Especially after you use receive the Assault Rifle and Carbine Rifle; holding the trigger for even a second will cause a spray of bullets that will guarantee a kill if aimed at the head.
  • Shoot the legs! If you can't bring down an enemy by shooting them in the head, shoot them in the knees. They'll crumple to the ground and you can kill them easliy. This is also a great tactic for fleeing enemies.
  • This is very useful when delivering cars to either Stevie or to Brucie and also when having your own car. If your car is in terrible condition, take it to a spray shop and then take it to a car wash. However, if you don't want to spend your hard-earned cash on that, take the car to a parking space (provided that there is space in the first place), walk or drive around the block, come back and it'll be as good as new.
  • Be careful. The pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto IV are a lot more dangerous and unpredictable than previous games, and many of them are armed. If you bother them, accidentally bump them, aim a gun at them, start shooting, or cause them distress in anyway, some might run, some might call the police, or some might even start a fight with you. If you pull out a gun, those also carrying a weapon will not hesitate to shoot you (especially gang members).
  • Be careful who you mess with. Unlike the GTA III Era most of the gangs members wear casual dress and no longer wear gang uniforms. They will not hesitate to attack you if you aim at the worng person or fire a gun at the wrong place and time.
  • The police in this game are smarter and shoot better and more effectively than in previous games. They also have better weapons. Also, unlike the GTA III Era, killing a cop, FIB agent or NOOSE agent will give the player a 3 star wanted level, rather than a 2 star wanted level. Also, the NOOSE come at a 3 star wanted level, unlike the SWAT, which come at a 4 star wanted level in the GTA III Era. Expect to be swarmed even on 3 star wanted levels. Avoiding cop attention is a must, or they will quickly put an end to your day.
  • Use the "Sleep Mode" on your phone if you just want to cruise around Liberty City without being nagged by mission-givers. Go the Options menu in your phone and choose to turn Sleep Mode ON. This will halt the story's progress so you can call up your friends to hang out with them or just do whatever. This is very handy if you want to avoid missions that are triggered by phone calls (especially those in the later stages of GTA IV) in order to mess around or stock up on ammo and health.
  • Clean your clothes. Did you just get your new suit all bloody to have an interview in thirty minutes? Go to a safehouse and either sleep (Bear in mind this does cause game time to increase by six hours) or change your clothes & back again. Good as new. Another way to clean your clothes is just to replenish your health: get some food, buy a sprunk, call an ambulance, whatever. Replenishing your health does the trick. Note that by calling an ambulence you could be charged up to $1000, though you can kill the medic to get your money back (or even a profit!).
  • How to deal with blind firing enemies: If an enemy is blind firing like his life depended on it, aim for his arm/hand, as it is exposed when blind firing. If you hit it, he'll likely stumble out into the open, where you can hopefully kill him. If his weapon is hit, he might drop it, causing him to run/pull a pistol. He'll only pull a pistol if he wasn't using it before.
  • Need good weapons at the beginning of the game? Go to any weapons shop and kill the guy inside. Make sure he takes out his weapon first, then take it once he's dead. After about 20 seconds, his friends will show up for vengeance. Kill them too to get good weapons early in the game, but watch out! You'll get 1 or 2 stars for the murders and escaping the small shop and narrow alley with cops can be tricky.
  • If you want good weapons at the beginning of the game, you should silently kill the gun store clerks with a knife or baseball bat. It won't immediatly alert his friends and causing you to get a nice shiny Desert Eagle (Combat Pistol in-game).
  • At the beginning of the game, right after leaving your apartment for the first time, take a car from the street (preferably a fast, good handling one, like a Chavos or a Sentinel) and take it to the airport. There is a guard tower in the middle and the end, run the guards over and take their carbine rifles. Kill SWAT members in the vans to gain SMG ammo and kill cops for pistol ammo. Don't worry about dying because you keep the weapons. There is armor near the parking lot at the end and a Sentinel in the guard tower parking lot. There's also an unlocked Turismo near Mikhail Faustin's house in Beach Gate.
  • Take your cousin Roman Bellic out once or twice early on in the game to get his friendship level up. Burger Shot and The Triangle Club are good places as they don't need to be unlocked. After you get his friendship level high enough, you'll be able to call him for a free taxi ride anywhere. This is good for a ride to a mission when you can't hail a taxi, and listening to the driver Mohammad is a laugh.
  • You can park more than one car in your safehouse parking spot by making sure that at least one tire of vehicle is within the yellow box. Technically, you can save as many cars as you can fit into the box, though users might face the infamous car eating glitch.
  • Buy armor! If you know a firefight is coming up, buy yourself some armor. If the mission's begun, don't worry. The second destination listed in the taxis besides the "objective" is the weapons store and by looking at the map of armor (on this site probably) you can save yourself 300-500 dollars.
  • To nick a car without too much conflict in Grand Theft Auto IV, bring up your gun, point it at the driver of the car you want from the side of the road, the driver will then get scared and let you have the car. Doing this right in front of a police, or a police car will not attract any attention (likely design flaw). Most of the time, the driver will step out, running away. Keep in mind this doesn't happen every time, the driver may attempt to duck and reverse to get away from you or may just duck behind the dashboard. As a note, you will get wanted level for pointing your gun at members of law enforcement, and will also receive a 1-star wanted level when you actually enter the car. Another way is to hit the car. The driver will usually get out and attack you. Doing so will get them arrested by Johnny Law himself, which can be quite a laugh as you were really the one committing the crime. This may take longer than just using the gun and scaring them away, as the cop that goes to the passenger side walks slower than most elderly women in the game.
  • If you just need to buy some ammo or food real quickly, when the cabbie drops you off, wait for his/her light to come back on and whistle for the cab again. Then run and buy your stuff. Come back out and he'll be waiting for you right where he left you, if not, then he's around the corner.
  • Many of the Assassination Missions can be simplified if you can get hold of a helicopter. Just land on a high position overlooking the target and take them out using a sniper rifle.
  • Look around. Many players think that the car they were in is gone if the player enters a cutscene. But, usually, the car is parked somewhere nearby. Look around and you'll usually find it. Though sometimes it may just be better to leave your sports car safe at home than to bring it on a mission.
  • If you leave a crime scene in a helicopter, it is incredibly easy to lose any wanted level. They also work very nicely for any kind of chase-mission, as they are much faster than cars and you can keep better track of your target. Just be careful not to fly too high, as that counts into the maximum allowed distance to your target. That can make following targets in Algonquin a little tricky.
  • If you are ever in need of a police car, firetruck, or ambulance, but are careful to take one in the middle of town, just call 911 and wait for them to come. You can do this somewhere in a dark side-alley, making it much easier to grab the car without too much attention. This can even save you a long trip, as getting into an ambulance gives you a good amount of health back. Note that taking a police car will obviously get you a 1 star wanted level, seeing as, well, the driver (obviously a cop) will stay inside.
  • Another great spot to steal a police car is always the local police station. The one in Algonquin, which also features Francis McReary's missions, has a squad vehicle parked behind it. No one will see you take it.
  • Looking for a helicopter with a little more style? The Police Station in East Holland has anAnnihilator. A one star wanted level is all you will get though.
  • Use public transportation. Taking a taxi is cheap and fast, you can even take friends with you (no more than 2 though)
  • We've all been there. You look around, think that everything is clear and as you smash the window of a car the alarm comes on and a Squad Car turns around the corner. No worries. As long as they see you neither sitting in the car nor smashing the window, the alarm doesn't seem to bother them. Just interrupt your action, wait until the Police are gone and then get into the car. You can also use the bat to smash in the window to see if an alarm will come on, or tap it with your current car.
  • If you're ever caught in a chase from the police, try to avoid driving too fast and instead constantly make turns around corners (watch out for cars that you may crash into). Also, keep track of where the cops are on your radar. Use side alleys/road to your advantage.
  • Brake when you turn! Because of the new physics system, vehicles handle more realistically. As a result, don't just hammer on the accelerator. You need to find the right balance between using the handbrake and the normal brake when you take your turns. This becomes an invaluable skill (both online and off) to have when chasing someone or evading an enemy.
  • Never attempt to shoot at a car that's traveling behind you unless you're on a long straightaway (i.e. Plumber's Skyway, Star Junction, Algonquin Dukes Expressway, etc.). You will probably end up crashing and quickly killed by police/team 2. The best idea is to either let a passenger do the shooting or brake and wait for them to fly ahead of your car and shoot forward.
  • Super-easy way to get and keep 6 stars - before the other islands are open, drive your car on the metro tracks. If you drive across the river, you'll instantly get 6 wanted stars, but since the metro is underground on the other island, there are no police. You can also jack a fire truck and spray the cops guarding the bridge to the other island. An alternative is to drive into the pedestrian walkway on Algonquin Bridge. The walkway is between the Metro tracks and although cops are able to fire at you from the road above some may fall into the gap and down onto the walkway. You can then run them down with your vehicle and collect their weapon. This is especially useful in the early stages of the game. With this method you can collect anything from handguns to M4 rifles and you can keep it going as long as you want by simply cruising up and down the walkway.
  • Whenever you deliver vehicles for Stevie for extra cash you can get more money for the vehicle than the initial base value. This could be a glitch but if you damage the vehicle just a little you get more money. If the car is totaled you will receive less money (obviously). Damages like broken headlights, small dents, etc. It usually goes up a few hundred dollars. If you damage it just right the price could go up another thousand. Taking a busted up car to Pay 'n' Spray or using a parking space increase the value.
  • When traveling back and forth between islands, use an emergency vehicle to avoid paying the tolls and to avoid attracting unwanted attention.
  • Cars and pedestrians usually respond to your horn, so if you're in a hurry and there are police around, use it.
  • Befriend Little Jacob quickly and buy armor and ammunition from him before any major conflict; this will make combat much easier. Be warned, he doesn't sell the RPG, Desert Eagle orPump Shotgun. So if that's what you need, a gun shop is the best bet. Note that he will sell the pump shotgun for a limited time until an unspecified mission.
  • Want that nice vehicle you saved at one of your parking spaces but don't want to lose it? GTA IV seems to save memory by spawning a lot of the same type of car you are currently driving. Simply get in your car and drive around the block a couple of times. You should suddenly spot one parked up somewhere. Park yours back in the parking space and go and steal the other one. Another method of getting multiple of the same car is to use the East Borough Bridge to enter South Bohan, there is a glitch that usually causes a dozen or more of the car you're driving to spawn parked.
  • If a taxi won't stop for you, chances are that there's already a passenger inside. Simply walk up and hold the button to get into the taxi as a passenger. You'll drag the passenger out of the cab and the taxi driver will be happy to take you.
  • Find a barrel that can explode. To easily make it explode, shoot the top of it.
  • To easily gain ammo, get a wanted level. The higher your wanted level the better selection of weapons. Try not to lose too much health and/or armor. When you have your wanted level where you want it, go to any one of your safehouses. Kill some cops and N.O.O.S.E. officers in front of your safehouse. Kill as many as you can before losing all your health. Once your ready, go inside your safehouse and save your game. Be sure not to die. After you save your game, your wanted level will be gone and your health will be fully restored. Walk outside and collect all the weapons and ammo lying on the ground from all the officers you killed. If you died, the weapons won't be there.
    • Killing police officers will give you pistol and shotgun ammo.
    • KillingFIB agents will give you carbine rifle ammo and/or SMG ammo.
    • Killing N.O.O.S.E. officers will give you carbine rifle ammo, shotgun ammo, and/or SMG ammo.
  • Another easy way to get ammo is from the officers in Police Mavericks and Annihilators shooting down at you. It's a little more difficult and you probably won't get tons of ammo. The easiest way to do this is by using one of the sniper rifles. Zoom in on the gun of the officer shooting down at you and fire. If you aimed correctly, the gun will fly out of the officer's hand. If your able to get to the gun you can collect the ammo. Be sure to do this before destroying the helicopter. If the helicopter is destroyed, you won't find any guns.
  • Need an extra parking space? Even if you can't use your first Safehouse to save you can still use the parking space outside.
  • Do everything in your power to prevent yourself from getting busted, even if that means getting wasted. If the cops bust you, you lose all your weapons and ammo, whereas if they waste you, you get to keep all your weapons.
  • If you need to get somewhere fast like a date or hang out with someone call using your phone call 227-555-0100 and you will get a FIB Buffalo. Turn on the siren and all the cars will get out of your way and you will pay no tolls.
  • Take a cab a lot but bring a gun, when you get out, go to the front, shoot the cab driver once, if he runs out keep shooting and you'll get a refund, if he drives away, keep shooting. You can alternatively hit the car, he'll come out, leaving you to beat him to death, saving ammo and possibly a call to 911 by bystanders.
  • For an easy way to make as much as $3,000 a trip find and hijack a "Securicar" (its a large green box shaped van with Gruppe 6 written on the side.) Jack any van, drive around and it should appear eventually) and make sure you have enough shotgun shells to make it easy, take the "Securicar" to the beach or an empty parking lot and proceed to shoot the front grill of the truck, once its on fire stand back. When the truck does blow up money will be everywhere, simply pick it up. NOTE: you may get cops on your case and up to two stars by blowing this up. Another way is to take the truck to a location between two hard objects (e.g. walls). By ramming the truck continuously into the walls, you will cause it to catch fire and blow up without getting the wanted level/cops on your case. If the truck stalls before catching fire, call any number and hang up, it should start again. The Securicar is usually found in industrial areas such as Alderney Industrial Estate, Tudor, the Industrial section of Bohan & BOABO. An even easier way is to unlock Packie's car bomb ability, call for a car bomb, fit the securicar with it and detonate it. The securicar will explode and you will not obtain a wanted level.
  • If your're in a firefight, and your target is hiding and shooting at you behind a large concrete support beam, you can now blast through it with a heavy weapon and kill your target. Grenades and/or explosive barrels work also.
  • If you are critically wounded and need health without risking a fatal gunshot in a stolen ambulance, paying the paramedics almost $1,000 or filling your gut with questionable food items from the street vendors, you can get an easy heal and gain the moral high ground by giving money to any one of the tramps or saxophone players that you see in Liberty City. It's $10 out of pocket, but Niko will feel so good about himself that he will gain at least 90% health from this simple act of kindness. You can find sax players in the subway, in the park, or any public place where people conglomerate. On occasion, a sax player may accost you, calling Niko such names as "philistine" or "square." Tramps may be found more often at night, in the subway or in the seedy spots of town. When you approach a tramp who wants change, they will acknowledge your presence with a greeting like "Look who it is" or "'Sup family." Occasionally, tramps will have some amusing commentary amongst themselves. And if you are feeling frugal, after you throw your money to a tramp, you can regain your money if you move for it quick enough. The tramp will continue as if they picked up the money and didn't notice you take it back, though seriosuly, it's just ten dollars.
  • If you want to gain health, but you don't want to waste your time looking for buskers or tramps, save your game. Niko will regain his health if you do so.
  • Ever want to just stop and also turn off your engine? Well there is a trick to do that! Just stop and press and hold the Y button (Xbox 360), triangle button (PS3) or F button (default PC), and the engine will turn off! (This will also work in multiplayer)
  • While riding the Subway you're forced into a cinematic camera view but If you pull out your phone and enter camera mode you'll be able to have a first person view.
  • Cornered on top of a really tall building by cops or just wanna satisfy that crazy urge to jump and you don't want to die? Light yourself on fire! Use a Molotov Cocktail to light yourself abaze, then jump while withering in the fire. For some reason you won't die when you hit the ground, you'll only lose a little bit of health from the fire and the fall. Note this will only work some of the time.
  • To sober up rather easily, simply drive to a restaurant and eat up. You'll be sober in seconds; this works great if you go to Comrades and The 69th Street Diner as it is annoying trying to drive whilst intoxicated, as you can gain a wanted level.
  • Pick your friends up in a helicopter or a motorcycle to make them say something different.
  • To make most cars catch fire almost instantly, shoot the rear wheel wells (where fire appears right before it explodes).
  • In really big trouble? No matter how high your wanted level is, you can easily lose the cops by just simply going into the underground subway tunnels (unlock Algonquin first).
  • If you have a wanted level, no matter how big it is, save at your safehouse. As soon as you exit the save menu, the wanted level will immediately be gone. (This especially works at the Middle Park East Safehouse, since the cops can't follow you inside). You don't even really need to save, just access the bed. Note that time will still advance by 6 hours.
  • Most of Niko's girlfriends and male friends provide some sort of service or benefit for reaching close to 100% friendship, so it's advisable to get there as soon as possible (especially Little Jacob for his gun car, Roman for his taxi and Dwayne for his backup, though most of the perks are valuable in some way). Once 100% is achieved it is no longer necessary to continually go on outings or dates. Girlfriends will send text messages that can be ignored, and friends will call. In terms of the phone calls, as long as you always agree to an outing and then immediately call back and choose "Cancel Plans", you can avoid any friendship penalty. The only way to get a penalty is if you initiate a date/outing and then either don't turn up within the allotted hour (or are late), or you then cancel. You will also be penalized if you phone a friend or date at an inappropriate time, so when you're building up to 100%, or if you wish to continue relationships, be sure to learn when they're available (noting what times they call or text is a good clue).
  • This tip applies to the DLC packs The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony: all of the parking places outside Niko's various safehouses remain available for storing vehicles in the DLCs, even though the safehouses themselves aren't accessible (except for Playboy X's penthouse). You can also use all of Johnny and Luis' parking spaces as well.


Combat and Shooting Tips

  • For more experienced players familiar with other competitive shooters, this kind of goes without saying, but for newer players, remember to RELOAD after killing someone with the Circle/B button. Actively reloading before each fight can give you the edge over other players, just make sure no one is going to jump around that corner and blast your guts over the wall.
  • When shooting with an automatic weapon, improve your chances with the auto-aim by firing rapid single shots rather than bursts, and aim just above to hit the chest/head area. Your accuracy will stay the same, and if you tap quickly enough it'll be just like holding the button, only way more accurate.
  • One way to combat a car speeding towards you is to aim for the driver's side and keep shooting. As the car comes towards, roll out of the way (Free aim then X/Square), and keep shooting. Auto Aim should help with this.
  • When you need to shoot behind you in a car whilst driving, click the right stick in and press L1. You can release the right stick, the camera is 'stickied' behind you, whilst also allowing you to aim and shoot.
  • If you're in a firefight with some punk who's hugging a dumpster for cover, try aiming for their feet.
  • Crouch down for more accuracy. This may seem like a little thing, but when you aiming for someone far away, this boost in accuracy can really help.
  • If somebody starts to follow you in a Buzzard or Annhilator while your driving a car, then you can try driving under a bridge/overhead subway, drive to a Garage {e.g Pay 'n' Spray), or go into a garage with a opening door. The helicopter will find it tricky to kill you and you could wait under there for a while until the helicopter pilot gets bored and goes away.
  • Be aware that other players may want your fancy sports car (I.E. Infernus, SuperGT) and will kill you inside (if Friendly Fire is on). If the sports cars stop spawning and you're the only one left with the car, get rid of it or try to stay away.

Racing Tips

  • As the clock counts down in a multiplayer race, hold the handbrake and the accelerator. As it says 'GO', release the handbrake. You'll get a jumpstart.
  • In races, be wary of players who like to play pinball on the first lap. Keep your distance or get out in front, and try to avoid collisions.
  • Can't seem to ever get your turns right while racing? Here are some tips...Don't brake or accelerate in the middle of a turn, especially if you intend not to drift or power-slide; simply brake or accelerate before the turn, then take the turn and let the car do its work. If you seem to be taking the turn too slowly then add some throttle but beware of understeer, if you're taking it too quickly try the handbrake and slide the car into bounds. But if you intend to power-slide or drift through a turn in the first place, point the car towards where you intend the nose of the car to slide around (apex). Then turn and just right after that apply a touch of the handbrake; at this point the car should start sliding. Now counter-steer or turn into the slide and as the car goes around the turn it should self-correct and you'll be driving straight again. Some cars might easily spinout in these drifting turns or you might go too slow in them, in which case some throttle might be necessary while sliding to hold the drift without spinning out. Each car handles differently in GTA IV and different amounts of braking, handbrake, throttle, etc. will be needed. The instructions above generally apply to rear wheel drive vehicles, which most are in the game. The few front wheel drive vehicles will take nice tight turns better, but not drift as well, and throttle in the middle of a drift will be useless in holding it. The all wheel drive vehicles in the game will generally handle similarly to rear wheel drive vehicles, due to there torque bias to the rear wheels.
  • A bootleg turn or driving forwards and spinning 180 degress, and facing the other direction is good technique to know if you miss a turn or end up going the wrong way during a race. To initiate a bootleg turn, quickly turn and immediately after apply the handbrake. Then as your car slides counter-steer or turn into the slide (Note: it takes some practice to get this bit right) and as the car begins to face the other direction, let off the handbrake and straighten your steering out. Then apply the throttle and drive off in the other direction! You can also try to quickly steer the wrong way then immediately start your bootleg turn, this is known as a Scandinavian flick. The slower you are driving the more likely it will work, at higher speeds the car will probably continually spin and you might end up facing the direction you were driving in the first place. Note that every car in GTA IV handles differently and different amounts of handbrake and turning ferocity will be required.
  • In races, use the radar to anticipate up coming corners, and enemy cars, especially the players that like to do the race backwards and total the decent players.
  • In most races, some idiots will like to give their karaoke best over the chat to try and put everyone else off. Mute them!


Rolled Over

  • 5 rolls from a single crash. The easiest way to get this is to take a car (preferably a Police Cruiser or Taxi cab) to the airport. Take it out on the runway and hold down the accelerator. Aim for the yellow markers in the grass median. Line up the car so that the left or right half of wheels will hit the edge of the yellow marker. When you do this the car will flip at least two to three times. Hold the accelerator down the entire time and keep jumping off the markers until you get the achievement. You MUST keep the accelerator pressed the entire time. Since it doesn't count the 5 rolls by crashes, but by rolls done by the same car in a short period of time, you can just keep trying over and over until the Achievement/Trophy pops up.This video will show you how.

UPDATE: 1.) There is a Glitched Swing Set in the firefly projects south-west of the map near the corner of the freeway. In the park there will be two sets of swings. Take a Patriot to the left swing set (backing up), making sure you're facing the subway and you should get thrown into the air. Keep trying this and you should get the achievement within five minutes. 2.) Go to any skyscraper with no barriers, spawn any car, position the car so you'll roll off and the Achievement/Trophy will pop up.

One Man Army

  • Load up on Armor, Combat Shotgun ammo, Molotov's and Carbine ammo. Head to any 'Cluckin Bell' food outlet. There is a pillar guarding the only entrance, hug to it and start murdering the fat customers. Wait for police and blow them away. Keep this up for 5 minutes and you'll have 6 stars in no time.
  • Another method is to enter a new city when you're not supposed to and just hide for 5 minutes.
  • Some people have also used a hospital. You will find many people to kill and get your wanted level up, and a health pack when you are almost dead.
  • The site is a easy way to get the One Man Army Achievement.It is recommended that you do this at either Playboy X's Penthouse or the Middle Park East Safehouse as both have Internet and LCPD cannot follow you up the Elevator.Once you have the Five Star Wanted Level either use the raise wanted level cheat (see Cheats in GTA IV) or rush up the elevator depending on how close the LCPD are to your position.If you chose to run up the elevator then activate the raise wanted once you arrive up to the floor.Once you enter the cheat your wanted level will be at six stars so now just stay up there and do whatever watch TV change your outfit but DO NOT SAVE until you get the One Man Army Achievement.After waiting Five Real world minutes to get this achievement save your game once you get Achievement to erase your wanted level.
  • The Rotterdam Tower, especially its 82nd floor observatory, is an excellent place for the player to obtain the "One Man Army" Achievement. To do this, the player must first load up on guns, ammunition and obtain full armour. To do this, the player has to gain a six star wanted level on ground level by destroying vehicles and killing police officers and pedestrians. Once they gain the six star wanted level, go to the Rotterdam Tower's 82nd floor observatory. Alternatively, the player can go to the 82nd floor observatory and obtain a six star wanted level there by typing in the "Gain One Star Wanted Level" cheat six times. The police cannot access the player while they are up there, however, the Police Mavericks and the Annihilators can. If they come for you, just shoot them down, either with a Rocket Launcher or by sniping them down with the Sniper Rifle or Combat Sniper rifle. Keep this up for five minutes and the player should gain the achievement.
  • Another way is to go to your safehouse in eastern Algonquin, the one with the laptop. Go to inside the apartment and then head down to the lobby. Wait in the lobby, killing police officers as they come in. As soon as you kill enough to get bumped up to six stars, immediately head back for the elevator to your apartment. You'll have six stars, but the police won't be able to follow you. Set down the controller, go make yourself a sandwich, and come back to a new achievement. When you're done, just save your game, and you'll be back to full health with no police to worry about.
  • Another easy way to do it is to get a helicopter and then get 6 stars. Fly as high as you can but be sure to stay in the police search area, and just sit there for five minutes, and you're done.
  • Another easy way is to get a helicopter and fly to the top platform of the Statue of Happiness (on Happiness Island). One of the platforms there will be 4 doors on each side, one door leads you to the inside of the statue where a ladder is, climb this ladder until you are at the top where the beating heart is. Type 267-555-0150 into your phone which will give you a one star wanted level, keep doing this cheat until you have 6 stars and wait 5 minutes until the achievment comes. The police cannot reach you here. Note that you'll probably die in the end from the jump down to get the hell out of that creepy place.
  • Another way that requires a little cash and killing PBX in The Holland Play. Just go to the lobby, access in the guard's computer, go to your apartment, wait for a chopper to arrive and shoot it down. Shoot 2-3 down and you should have six stars. Then, just go to the bedroom part of the loft.
  • Find the the hospital in Holland in Algonquin. Jump down into the Subway and start gaining a wanted level, a First Aid Kit is located nearby. When you reach Six Stars, run down into the Subway where the police can't get to you. Stay within the boundaries, and hide here for five minutes.
  • A good hiding spot is to go to the Westdyke Memorial Hospital in Leftwood, Alderney. Kill as many people as you can, and soon cops will be coming in. Once you've reached 6 stars, hide in one of the rooms and police will not be able to find you. If you run low on health, just go to the first aid. It will always re-appear. If you need more health again but it has not re-appeared yet, drink soda from the Sprunk machine. However, 1 can can't re-fill all your health so you have to drink multiple cans varying on one's health and cops can interrupt.
  • The Russian Shop is a very good place to start a massacre. Kill lots of people (outside and inside) and once you've reached 6 stars, hide in the closet. If cops come, just kill them. You should have a new achievement.
  • Obtain full heath and full armour before you attempt this method, as you will come under heavy gunfire. Once you have done so, drive to the Algonquin Bridge. At this point in the game, the bridge will be blocked off. Drive up to the police blockade and park your car with your car's rear facing the cement road block (beyond which stands two officers and a police car); the purpose of this is to ensure the quickest possible getway once you trigger the six-star wanted level. Get out of the car and walk close to the cement block. This will immediately trigger the six-star wanted level and the two policemen will start shooting at you, and you may get a few hits. Immediately get back into your vehicle and speed away. GET OFF THE BRIDGE via the exit (which you probably came up on), it will be much easier to escape the cops within the city blocks. From that point on you can just drive around the city and try to avoid the various police presence. Survive for another five minutes, the achievement is yours.
  • Hide in the first patient room in the hospital located in Schottler, Broker. Use the "Add 1 wanted level" cheat 6 times. This cheat will not block any achievements. Take cover to the left of the blue cabinet. Take out a good weapon, like an M4 Carbine assault rifle or an MP10 SMG, and keep an eye on the door. If any cops come in, just shoot them. Wait the 5 minutes and you should get the achievement.
  • It is extremely difficult to just drive around the city with a six star wanted level. A good way to achieve this without much work is when Algonquin is unlocked, but Alderney isn't (make sure that the Middle Park East Safehouse is unlocked too). What the player must do is drive near the police barricade on the Hickey Bridge and snipe one of the police officers from a distance. That will immediately give you a six star wanted level. Then quickly jump into your car or on your bike and head to the Middle Park East Safehouse. Jump out of your car, walk through the front doors and go to the elevator that gets you to your room. Now you are untouchable (unless if you accidentally walk to the yellow arrow) and all you have to do is wait for the achievement to pop up. Do not get onto the computer or watch television because it will just pause there and start where you logged on. And especially DO NOT get on your bed and save the game because you will lose the wanted level.
  • Here is a video showing an easy way to get six stars and immediately hide somewhere untouchable.
  • Happiness Island is a great place to obtain this achievement. First, looad up on M4 Carbine and MP10 ammunition and grenades. The place is loaded with civilians, and you'll meet little resistance aside from the handful of respawning security guards. Continuously shoot at the civillians, security guards and cops until you obtain a six star wangted level. Once you have achieved the six star, enter the building and stay there until the achievement pops up. The building on the island acts as a fort, and includes a soda machine for health, should you lose a large amount of it.
  • Obtain full health and armour. Once you have done so, load up on Combat Shotgun, M4 Carbine, MP10 ammunition and grenades. Once you have done so, drive to the Cluckin' Bell store at Star Junction. Shoot every civillian in the store. Once you run out of civillians, take cover behind the pillar guarding the entrance. Shoot at any NOOSE officers or cops that come in. Keep that up for several minutes, and the achievemnt is yours to claim. There is only one way for the cops to get at you, and there's good cover to blast them away as they come. This video will show you how it is done.
  • Get a strong yet fast vehicle such as the Patriot in Algonquin before unlocking Alderney. Drive straight through the barricade (along the side) on the bridge, not the Booth Tunnel. This will automatically give you six stars. Continue heading straight and you will be on Plumber's Skyway. It is a long highway with gradual turns and it's easy to maintain speed. You can see police vehicles ahead of time and change lanes to avoid them. When you near the end of the highway before it goes back down into the streets, use one of the openings to turn around and go the other way. Keep this up for several minutes to gain the achievement.
  • Another easy way to achieve the One Man Army achievement is unlock Algonquin but not Alderney. Steal a helicopter like the Helitours Maverick. Fly it over Alderney to obtain a six star wanted level. Fly the helicopter around and avoid the Police Mavericks and the Annihilators sent after you for several minutes to obtain the achievement. Once you have obtained the achievement, land on the patio area of Playboy X's Penthouse, enter the loft and save the game, which will bring you back to full health with the wanted level wiped out.
  • A very simple way to obtain this achievement is to go to either Playboy X's Penthouse or the Middle Park East Safehouse. Obtain a six star wanted level by typing in the "Gain One Star" cheat six times. Once you have obtained six stars, take the elevator upstairs and stay there until you obtain the achievement. Once you have obtained the achievement, save the game.
  • Here is another way. Wait for Algonquin to be unlocked and get a vehicle and powerful weapons and body armour before the shoot-out. Get to the TW@ cafe in Algonquin and go to on one of the computers to gain a 5 star wanted level. shhoot at any cops that enter the Internet Cafe and keep that up until you obtain a six star wanted level. Now, get to your car and drive to where the subway goes underground. Now, you should see some orange fencing where some wall should be, so drive, through the fencing, onto the tracks and keep driving until you see the tri-junction by the Algonquin Bridge and hide out there. If you leave the search radius before you reach the junction, go back in the radius and stay put and be careful of passing trains. After 5 minutes or so, the One Man Army achievement/trophy should pop up.
  • The Sprunk warehose in Bohan is a place to earn this achievement/trophy.First get a car and use it to block the main entrance.Then get out the car and go up to the windows that is open using the fire escape next to the warehouse.After you get inside,use the 'Gain a wanted level' cheat six time.At that point police won't be able to get inside and the helicopter can't find or shoot you.Hold it for five minutes and you should get this achievement/trophy.But as there is a car blocking the entrance,you need to commit suicide in order to get out.

Walk Free

  • First, go into a subway station or under a subway tunnel. Obtain a four star wanted level by repeatedly dialing the gain one star cheat (267-555-0150). This will not block any trophies and/or achievements. It you can't be bothered trying to dial the cheat, just kill everybody you see in the subway station (preferrably cops) until you gain a four star wanted level. Spawn a vehicle (preferably a FIB Buffalo, Comet or NRG-900, these cheats will not block any achievements) and drive it around the subway network. Keep on driving until you get out of the search radius and you lose the wanted level. You should then gain the "Walk Free" achievement.
  • Obtain a four star wanted level using one of the methods mentioned above. then call Roman for a taxi. Once the taxi arrives, set a GPS waypoint as far away as possible outside the search radius. Once Mohammed (the taxi driver) begins driving, immediately skip the journey. If executed correctly, the player should lose their wanted level and gain the Walk Free achievement.
  • Obtain a fast car, such as a Comet, Turismo, Infernus, Coquette or a FIB Buffalo. Once the player has obtained one of the cars, drive to the last entrance to the FIA. Once the player reaches the entrance, drive onto the terminal using the road provided, turn left and continue driving down the runway until the player is out of the search radius. The player should then gain the "Walk Free" achievement. This video will show how.

Chain Reaction

  • Get a large vehicle like a Bus and go to the large, main bridge. Park the bus sideways so it is blocking all vehicles and when you see 10 vehicles, simply fire a rocket launcher at one of them and wait for the achievement/trophy to pop up. Damaging the vehicles prior to this (using less powerful weapons) and using grenades as well may help.
  • Another strategy is to go to Auto Eroticar, park two cars in the garage so that there are at least 10 cars total, and so that they are all either touching, or very close to at least one or two other cars, then start firing rockets or throwing grenades to ensure that every car explodes.
  • Obtain a rocket launcher with at least 5 rockets. There is a carpark located in the north-west of the Acter Industrial Park, near Tudor in Alderney. Drive to the carpark at daytime in a large heavy vehicle, like a Bus or Trashmaster. Use it to push all of the cars parked in the carpark together into a large bunch and jump on top of the nearby building. Fire a rocket at the center and four diagonal corners of the bunch and the achievement should be yours to claim. This video will show you how.

Pool Shark

  • To get this Achievement/Trophy, all you have to do is beat someone at a game of pool (8 ball). Since all you have to do is beat someone on in a full game, try playing Michelle. She's really bad and it might take the unexperienced player a while to adjust to the pool controls. (Packie and Little Jacob are real good)

One Hundred and Eighty

  • Play a game of darts with anyone. Then, aim for the little red box in the middle of the 20 point slice (which is at the top of the circle). Hit it three times in a row. You can't miss one, or you won't get the full 180 points. Hit it 3 times then wait for the Achievement/Trophy to pop up.

Gobble Gobble

  • Go bowling with anyone and bowl in the most left lane. When it's your turn to bowl, Start by taking 2 full steps to the LEFT and lock that position in. Pull back for a second then roll the ball with no aftertouch. Since Niko is right-handed, the ball should roll straight for a strike. Make 3 strikes in a row for the Achievement/Trophy.

Finish Him

  • To get this Achievement/Trophy, you need to do 10 counters in a fistfight in 4 minutes. To counter, dodge with X/A, then press Square/triange/X/Y to do a countermove aganist your opponent (you'll see Niko Bellic do some snazzy Kung Fu move). The best place to get this Achievement/Trophy is at the helitour place in Algonquin. Go to the line at the building in front of the place and fight people through the line median thing (those sticks with the ropes connecting them that they have at real life airports) with Niko on one side and the person you're fighting on the other. These median things will force your opponent to make really wide swings, easy to dodge and counter. Since it will take at most 2 counters to knock out a opponent, you need about 5-7 guys to get the Achievement/Trophy. But the people will keep respawning because of the line and there's a hot dog stand out in front if you need health. Expect to get hit a few times, get a quick hotdog at the stand near the entrance on the street if you need it, and remember, girls will fight you too.

Wheelie Rider

  • Get a motorcycle capable of doing wheelies, preferably the Sanchez or the Faggio and go to the runway at the airport. The airport run is a nice, big, long, straight road to try this Achievement/Trophy on. You'll get a 4 star wanted level, but since you be driving fast around the airport, the cops will barely catch up to you. Start at one end, and pull back slightly to start a wheelie, and try to hold it. Hold it for a good 15 seconds to get the Achievement/Trophy.A good way is during the Sixaxis bike riding tutorial.This video will show you how.

It'll Cost Ya

  • This Achievement/Trophy is earned by using a taxi to get from one island to another without skipping the trip, meaning you have to watch the whole trip. Hail a taxi at one end of a bridge that connects 2 islands and set a waypoint at the other end. Make sure you start off the bridge and end off the bridge. Get in the cab, and make sure you get the guy to speed up to make the trip faster. When you arrive, get out and watch the Achievement/Trophy come up.
  • Another way to do this is hail a cab, go in and don't skip the trip. After a few streets (not at your destination) shoot out the window and the cab driver will get out and run away. You will get the trophy/achievement.


  • Many people get confused with this Achievement/Trophy, just visit the Helitours site in Algonquin and go on all 5 of the helicopters tours. It should be noted though that all of the helicopters won't be there at the same time, so you'll need to remember which one you've already went on.

Under The Radar

  • If you can't remember where all of the bridges are, After you go under one bridge, go to the pause menu and put a checkpoint on one of the Trophy Icons and fly to where you point the checkpoint at and do the same thing with the next one.