Panjit Gavaskar

Panjit Gavaskar is an East Indian DJ for Radio Del Mundo, a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


As a DJ for a world music station, Panjit constant speaks of his native India and his brother-in-law who works for an airport and his cousin, Gravjit, who is a taxi driver. His world beat music reminds English-speaking people of Pakistanis performing music for a native audience. All the taxi drivers listen to his radio station and stealing a taxi automatically turns this music on.

Gavaskar potentially breaks the fourth wall by suggesting that "In a past life, I was in Liberty City, but...maybe in the future? Oh no, this Hummos is going bad, I don't normally see tracers!" Also the radio station was known for its humorous commentary by Panjit like "Gravjit Gavaskar my dirty little cousin, you were always a greedy and fat and nasty little boy and now you are a greedy, fat, and nasty little cab driver. Your wife is sacred because she is the cow and oh how you milk her, you're a disgusting parasite Gravjit!" Also saying "They say in the land of the blind the king is the guy with one eye, but what about the land of the dumb? Who is in king there?" or "Whoa! That was some fantastic record that was! Like a fertility dance! Gosh I feel so fertile now, I want to bang a statue!"

He is voiced by a Pakistani actor Hajaz Akram

Concepts Panjit makes fun of

  • Democracy - Compares it to a goddess with three breasts and people thinking about it should be slapped.
  • Winter - He complains about people who move to India who mourn about not having snow.
  • Rock and Roll Music - He calls it "music for the genitals" while world beat music is "music for the soul".