(In-game, with lights) A Beamer in GTA 2.
(In-game, with lights)
A Beamer in GTA 2.
(In-game, with lights)
A Beamer in GTA 2.
Appearance(s) GTA 2
Vehicle type Civilian car
Body style 2-door convertible
Capacity 4 (driver and 3 passengers)

The Beamer is a car featured in Grand Theft Auto 2.


The Beamer is designed as a 2-door 2+2 convertible with the top up, being clearly based on a BMW 507, a late 1950s car ("Beamer" is also a British slang term for BMWs).

The Beamer's performance is fairly good, with good acceleration (although it struggles in lower gears), an above average top speed, as well as average cornering with an occasional tendency for minor oversteering, and excellent braking response. When crushed, the car awards the player a Flamethrower pickup.


An early iteration of the Sentinel in GTA III, then known as a "Beamer".
  • During development of GTA III, the Beamer name, as indicated on Capital Autos's website, was to be used for a four-door sedan before the car was renamed as the "Sentinel". The name was perhaps reused to allude to the Sentinel's BMW-based design.


The Beamer appears exclusively within the Downtown District of Anywhere City in traffic as well as the following parked locations:

  • Southeast corner of the building with gardens, on the west of the Sunnyside asylum just east of the main gate.
  • Several blocks northwest from the Flotsam car shop.
  • At the Omnitron hospital's parking lot.