Truck Cab

A Truck Cab in Grand Theft Auto 2.

The Truck Cab is a truck featured in Grand Theft Auto 2.



The Truck Cab is evidently a semi-trailer truck capable of pulling trailers, one of only two vehicles to be capable of doing so, the other being the Truck Cab SX; this feature is used in at least one mission where the player has to transport a car rigged with explosives to a police station. In comparison to the Truck Cab SX, the Truck Cab is designed with a less bulky appearance, appearing slightly smaller than the SX variant, and may be distinguished by its more angular design and its pair of dual roof-mounted lights.


The Truck Cab's performance is poor at best. Without a trailer, the truck is capable of only a low top speed, but possess responsive steering that aides in cornering well, and average brakes. When attached to a trailer, the responsiveness of the truck's steering is diminished, as is the ability to properly reverse and the overall speed of the truck. Overall, however, the Truck Cab is superior to the Truck Cab SX, which is actually slower.

The Truck Cab cannot be crushed.


The Truck Cab can be found in the Downtown and Industrial Districts of Anywhere City. There are also two Truck Cabs parked in the RV Park in the Residential District.

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