Formula R

A Formula R in GTA Chinatown Wars.

The Formula R is a racing car that only appears in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


The Formula R assumes the design of a modern Formula One racing car, and as a result is not meant to be roadworthy and available on the streets of the game. Due to the open cockpit, the driver is left unprotected from gunfire (as with any motorcycle), but will stay in the car if it is flipped or is in a high-speed collision. The car's performance is predictably of the highest end, being very fast in acceleration and top speed, although its steering and brakes remains average-to-good; its durability is also poor than average, owing to its construction.

The Formula R is only obtainable after unlocking the BOABO Auto Merchant feature and attain bronze medals in all street races, to which point the car will become available at the Auto Merchant for $5,000 each.

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