Cartwright Gang

Cartwright Gang is a gang led by one of London's crimelord Harold Cartwright.The gang is ran from 1961 to 1969 by Harold Catwright,untill he is killed.The gang most likely dissolved as most of the members were killed.


  • Harold Cartwright-Boss of the gang.He leads the gang until 1969 when he is killed by the protagonist.
  • Beryl- An associate and sister of Harold. She is killed on orders of the Crisp Brothers.
  • Cyprus Phil- A member who is forced to tell where Harold is hiding by the protagonist, he is then killed when he reveals where he is.
  • Keith- A member who gives instruction to the player at the first mission.
  • Chalkie- A member who steals drugs but gives returns after the police almost find it.He is, in turn killed by the player.
  • Honest Ray- A member who orders the protagonist to bring 2 gang members to his garage.