Cosmo Trouble

Cosmo Trouble
Appearances GTA 2
Full Name Cosmo Trouble


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Downtown District, Anywhere City
Main Affiliations Loonies
Occupation Gang member

Cosmo Trouble is a character in the 2D Universe who appears in Grand Theft Auto 2 as a minor character.

Character history

Cosmo Trouble is a member of the Loonies gang and a resident of the Downtown District of Anywhere City. Claude Speed takes a job from Cosmo Trouble,[1] which turns out to be an ambush involving three Zaibatsu hitmen.[2] However, Claude kills the attackers.[3]


  • His name is most likely a play on cause more trouble.

Mission appearance



  1. Elmo: "Hey, Jumbo! You should meet Cosmo Trouble, Downtown. He's got a bonkers mad job for you!" (from the Who's Behind You! mission)
  2. Elmo: "Jumbo, it's me, Elmo. That call was a hoax. Your ass has been set up by my bonkers mad brother who's sent three serious hitmen after you. You'd better kill them - quick." (from the Who's Behind You! mission)
  3. Elmo: "Maybe you ain't so crazy, Jumbo, 'cos those hitmen are all history." (from the Who's Behind You! mission)