Appearances GTA 2
Full Name Gran'pa


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Residential District, Anywhere City
Family Dirk (grandson)
Main Affiliations Rednecks

Gran'pa is a character in the 2D Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto 2.

Character history

Gran'pa is, in 1999, a resident of the Residential District of Anywhere City, an associate of the Rednecks and the grandfather of Dirk. Dr. LaBrat, leader of the Scientists, wants Claude to kidnap him to allow The Professor to carry out some experiments on a human.[1] Claude Speed is dispatched to kidnap Gran'pa and return him to the Research Center.[2] Gran'pa's grandson, Dirk, also appears in the mission. Dirk gives Claude Speed his Pickup after he kills three Loonies[3] and unwittingly helps Claude kidnap his grandfather, who is blind and only recognises the Pickups horn.[4] Gran'pa has the same appearace as Redneck leader Billy Bob Bean and his grandson Dirk. What happened to Gran'pa after he was experimented on is not revealed.

Mission appearance



  1. Dr. LaBrat: "Hello, THC-303, it's Dr. LaBrat. The Professor wants to experiment on a Redneck and has chosen the one they call Gran'pa." (from Gran'pa We Love You!/Race 'n' Kidnap mission)
  2. Dr. LaBrat: "Fantastic, THC-303. Bring Gran'pa to the Research Centre - in one piece." (from Gran'pa We Love You!/Race 'n' Kidnap mission)
  3. Dirk: "Anyone who beats mah record for huntin' down and killin' THREE escaped Loonies wins mah Pickup." (from Gran'pa We Love You!/Race 'n' Kidnap mission)
  4. Dr. LaBrat: "He's old and blind but he should recognize the sound of Dirk's Pickup. Sound the horn to get his attention." (from Gran'pa We Love You!/Race 'n' Kidnap mission)