Appearances GTA 2
Full Name Lodov
Aliases Red Eye
The Lawyer
The Milkman


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth February 15, 1961
Place of Birth Siberia, Russia
Age Now 63
Nationality Russian
Home Industrial District, Anywhere City
Family Shagski (girlfriend)
Main Affiliations Russian Mafia
Vehicles 1967 Mustang
Occupation Gang member

Lodov is a character in the 2D Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto 2.

Character history

Life in the Soviet Union

Lodov was born on February 15, 1961 in Siberia, Soviet Union. While in his home country, he acquired extensive burns on his back and face while stealing chemicals and a number of tattoos. He was arrested and put in prison many times for various small crimes and acts of violence before being sentenced to death by hanging following the death of a KGB agent. He was, however, spared when the authorities discovered he was a CIA double agent. He also had a job on a whale trawler.

Life in the USA

Lodov moved to the Industrial District of Anywhere City at some point prior to 1995, became involved in the criminal underworld and at some point began dating Shagski. He was arrested for attempted murder in 1995 but was later acquitted. He was arrested again in 1996 for kidnapping and robbery, and in 1997 for the daylight massacre of a rival gang but was not convicted after the main witnesses died. The ACPD note his connection to a number of butchers around the Lubyanka Docks, which may suggest the witnesses were disposed of through the butchers shops. In 1998 the Anywhere City Police Department suspected that he was involved in the kidnapping of an entire convent despite the lack of an obvious motive. By 1999, he began spending his time drinking in bars and driving his reinforced 1967 Mustang around the Lubyanka Docks.