Daryl Zolotowski

Daryl M. Zolotowski is a character from the Grand Theft Auto series who is mentioned on the Liberty Tree website. Daryl M. Zolotowski is the Police Chief of the Liberty City Police Department in 2001, however it is unknown for how long he has held the position. The police department, judging by the events of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories in 1998 and Grand Theft Auto III in 2001, seems to be losing the battle against organised crime. When asked about Liberty City at night for a Liberty Tree article, he stated: "Liberty City is dangerous... especially at night. I know the tourist board won't thank me for saying this, but it ain't a nice place right now. Luckily what with cable, the internet and the video games my kids play 24 hours a day folks should know how to keep themselves busy while indoors".