Dean Smegley

Dean Smegley is a character in the 3D Universe who is mentioned on the Liberty Tree website for Grand Theft Auto III.

Character history

Dean Smegley is the Dean of Liberty City Community College, a college located in the Liberty Campus district of Staunton Island, Liberty City; the school labelled as the worst university in America according to a Liberty Tree article. He is new to the post, as stated in the June 2001 dated article. Dean Smegley is introducing many new reforms to the College, many of which seem ill-chosen for the reputation of Liberty City Community College.

Dean Smegley said in the article on Liberty Tree: "It's out with the old and in with the new. We did away with old ways of measuring students' abilities and old-fashioned classes. Nobody reads no more so why should our students? This is a college, not a prison, yo. We've changed what we make students study and how we grade them, so kids can get out of this place with knowing what they want to happily attempt next up. We got the kids doing practical things, like pharmaceutical baking, so they can make a dollar and we mark them not for effort or performance, but on how bad they look in class.".

He continued: "A girl in a skimpy top, with her bra straps showing, or some real tight pants, she'll definitely get a scholarship, while some dude with a pair of trousers so baggy he can't work properly will be recommended for graduate work. Within two years, I expect our students to be the best dressed, least qualified in the country".